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Shelby's newspapers began with the publication
of The Shelby Pioneer by C. R. Brown in July, 1858.
The Shelby Enterprise was started by C. M. Kenton in 1862.
It was soon purchased by S. S. Bloom and the
name was changed to The Shelby Express. 1
The following items were taken from some of early issues of:
The Shelby Express, The Shelby Chronicle, and The Independent News.
The Shelby Express began on April 22, 1862 published by
C. M. Kenton and owned and printed by S. S. Bloom.
The Shelby Chronicle first issued on March 7, 1867 with
S. H. Young & J. G. Hill as editors and publishers.
The Chronicle masthead proclaims:
"Upward and Onward -- Fearless and Free."
The Shelby Independent News began with it's initial issue
on November 12, 1868. It was owned by S. S. Bloom
and published by J. G. Hill.
Samuel S. Bloom bn. c.1834 - d. 1902 and
Jacob G. Hill bn. 1839 - d. July 1913, are listed in:
The Shelby Oakland Cemetery and Most Pure Heart of
Mary Catholic Cemetery Records Book Vol. I
was published by this Society in 1994.
Most genealogical information used in this section will
be derived from this source and presented in this color.
(Additional source comments will be in this color.)
Newspaper names will be abbreviations as follows:
Shelby Express = SE, Shelby Chronicle = SC
Shelby Independent News = SN
We learned that Geo. Wentz, a son of Henry Wentz, is in the hospital at
Pittsburgh, Pa. suffering from the effects of a wound in the hand, received
in the Battle of Shiloh. His father has gone after him. He is a member of
the 3rd Iowa Regiment, and has seen severe service and was at the battles of Spring Mills, Blue Mills, and lastly Shiloh. SE - 5/6/1862
George bn 1834, lived in Iowa and later MO.
Henry (above) bn 1801 in York Co., Pa & d. 1880 in Cass Twp.,
Richland Co., Oh. and is buried in the London Cemetery.
Capt. A. C. Cummins returned home on Friday morning last, having
resigned in consequence of ill health and trouble with the Major of his
regiment who, by his tyranny sought to injure the Captain. Letters from
the Company speak in the highest terms of his bravery and courage
during the late Battle of Shiloh and the great sorrow of the Company at
parting with their beloved commander. The Captain looks thin and
careworn, but we trust he will soon be restored to his former health.
SE - 5/6/1862
Bruce Rockwell, a son of S. M. Rockwell, Esq., met with a sad accident
on last Saturday morning, while handling a loaded pistol, which accidently
discharged, the contents lodging in his knee. We have not learned
whether the ball has been extracted but at first the whereabouts of it
could not be ascertained.
We have noticed boys in Shelby playing with pistols.
This is another warning to them. SE - 5/6/1862
Samuel M. Rockwell bn 1811 d. 1878
Bruce G. Rockwell bn. 1844 d. 1926
 Mr. David Hunter, one of the first settlers of this county, died at his
residence near Blooming Grove, on the 10th inst. He was in the
81st year of his age. SE - 5/20/1862
 Married - In Shelby Tuesday evening, May 13th 1862, at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. G. Hartley, Mr. W.T. Mickey of the firm of
T. Mickey & Co., of this place, to Miss Lie Stimmel, daughter of
H. Stimmel, Esq., P.M. f Shelby, all of this city. SE - 5/20/1862
Thomas Mickey bn 1820 d. 1878
Wilson T. Mickey bn. 1840 d. 1899
Anna Eliza Stimmel/Mickey bn. 1842 d. 1912

On the 6th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev.
D. W. Kelley, Mr. Benjamin Miller to Miss Sarah Jane Finicle,
all of the vicinity. - SE - 5/20/1862
Died - On the 4th inst. with Diptheria, near Shelby, Harriet daughter of
N. S. and Elizabeth Morton, aged 3 years and 22 days. - D. W. Kelley
- SE - 5/20/1862
Norman Shepard Morton bn. 1802 d. 1891
Anne Elizabeth Morton bn. 1820 d. 1895
Harriet Morton bn 1859 d.1862
All three are buried at the Myers Church Cemetery

Departed this life on the 7th inst., near Shelby, of Consumption, Mary
Ann, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Garnhart, aged 21 years,
7 months and 2 days. On the following day her remains were interred
in the Rex Church Graveyard followed by a large circle of
weeping freinds and neighbors. SE - 5/20/1862
Daniel Garnhart prob. bn. 1807 d. 1876
Elizabeth Garnhart bn. 1807 d. 1894
Mary Ann bn. 1848 d. 1862
Rex Church Graveyard became the Myers Church Cemetery
 The Shelby School which commenced on Monday of last week
is under the supervision of the following named teachers, with
Mr. Robert McCready as Principal:
R. W. McCready Teacher, High School
Chase Orten, Teacher, Secondary Dept.
Rev. Lowe, Teacher, Secondary Dept.
Miss Mary Jones, Teacher, Primary Dept.
Miss Lib Litner, Teacher, Primary Dept.
SE - 10/15/1862
T. McA. Ritchie, private of Co., H., 64th Regiment arrived at his home in
this place on Monday evening having been discharged on account of sickness.
Joseph Mortimer, of this place, Brigade Wagon Maker in
Gen. Wood's Division, also reached this place yesterday,
a paroled prisoner.
Peter Mott, private in the 64th, reached his home 2 miles west of
this place week before last, died on Wednesday of last week,
just 4 days after his return. - SE - 10/15/1862
Peter Mott bn. 1827 d. 10/8/1862
Victorene Catherine Cattey/Mott bn. 1828 d. 1904
both buried at: Sacred Heart Cemetery, Bethlehem Settlement, Shelby
Presbyterian Church. Rev. J. K. Kost, Pastor
Preaching at 11 AM, and 7 PM
German Reformed Church. Rev. N. H. Loose, Pastor
Preaching at 10 1/2 AM
M.E. Church. Rev. Hubbard DuBois, Pastor
Preaching at 10 1/2 AM
Lutheran Church. Rev. D. Summers, Pastor
Preaching on every alternate Sabbath at 2 PM
U. B. Church. Rev. D. W. Downey, Pastor
Preaching at 10 1/2 AM and 7 PM
U. P. Church. Rev. S. S. Hutchenson, Pastor
Preaching every third Sabbath at 10 1/2 AM and 2 PM
Disciple Church. Rev. J. S. Hughes, Pastor
Preaching two consecutive Sundays at 10 1/2 AM and 7 PM
and absent the two succeeding.
Catholic Church. Rev. Jacob Kuhn
Preaching on the first Sabbath of each month.
SC - 3/14/1867
On Tuesday Eve. March 5th, 1867 at the residence of the bride's father
in Jackson township, Richland County, Ohio, by M.M. Barber, Esq,
Henry Sheriff to Miss Barbara E. daughter of Geo. Finnicle, Esq.
Henry Sheriff bn. 1841 d. 1921
Barbara E. Finicle/Sheriff bn. 1845 d. 1930
both buried at Mt. Bethel Cemetery on Myers Rd.

On the 7th inst., at the home of N. J. Rex, by Rev. D. Summers,
Mr. Jacob Lewis and Miss Amanda Knouce.
SC - 3/14/1867
Jacob Lewis bn. c1846 d. 1942
Amanda C. Knouce/Lewis bn. 1844 d. 1893
Both buried at Oakland Cemetery
On Thursday, March 14, 1867, at the residence of Thomas Hartz, in
Plymouth Tp., by Collin P. Leiter, Esq., William Rose to Miss
Moreland, all of Richland County, Ohio.
Collin P. Leiter bn. 1833 d. 1901 GAR
b. Oakland Cemetery

On the 19th of march, 1867, by Rev. N. H. Loose, Mr. George
Kirkpatrick to Miss Nancy Kuhn, both of Richland County, Ohio.
SC - 3/21/1867
Justice of the Peace,
John Sprague
Jonathan Lewis
John Sprague
Edgar Wilson
Francis A. Cottey
Samuel H. Haislet
Collin P. Leiter
Gilbert A. Metcalf
J. G. Hill
Collin P. Leiter
Jonathan Z. Breckbill
George W. Billow
William H. Bruce
Daniel Carr
Hiram Marvin
Tilman H. Wiggins
Samuel H. Haislet
J. G. Hill
Street Commissioners,
Daniel B. Evans
Jonathan Lewis
David Billows
Peter Will
SC - 3/28/1867
On March 24th, 1867, Mrs. Annie B. McBride at Ganges, Ohio,
aged 24 years, 1 month, and 2 days.
The deceased was a devoted member of the German Reformed Church.
She was intelligent, amiable, pious and greatly loved and esteemed.
During her protracted illness, she patiently waited for her rest of glory
in Heaven. Funeral services were conducted by her Pastor, and largely
attended. - SC - 3/28/1867
On April 16th, 1867, at the residence of Mr. Samuel May, by
Rev. D. W. Downey, Mr. Otho K. Cox and Miss Lou White,
both of Shelby, Ohio
Samuel May bn. 1832 d. 1916
b. Oakland Cemetery

On the 14th of April, 1867, by Rev. N. H. Loose, Mr. Edward Mitchel
to Mrs. Susan Neighdey, both of Richland County, Ohio.
SC - 4/18/1867
At Shelby, Ohio, May 14th, 1867, by Rev. N. H. Loose,
Mr. I. E. Steffey to Miss Sallie Cline.

At the residence of Andrew Garrett, Shelby, Ohio, May 12th, 1867,
Rebecca A., wife of Daniel Myers, Jr., aged 87 years, 1 month, and
6 days. - SC - 5/16/1867
Andrew Garrett bn. 1813 d. 1888
b. Oakland Cemetery

1. The Story of Early Shelby - Raymond Wilkinson - 1962

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