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Abraham Bushey

Abraham Bushey was born Feb. 14, 1819, in Cumberland County, PA. He came to
Cass Township, Richland County with his family in 1835/1836. He and his younger
brother Jacob, (born Oct. 6, 1824) learned the carpentry trade from their father.
On Nov. 24, 1840, Abraham married Barbara Fireoved who was born August 26, 1820.
(Five years later, Abraham's brother Jacob married Barbara's sister Elizabeth). Barbara
and Abraham were to have two daughters, Sarah A. who married Henry Wentz Jr.,
and Mary J. who married W. S. Finecle.
After helping on the farm and following his trade in Cass township for many years,
Abraham moved to Shelby in ca. 1865, where he became involved in the area
business. In the mid 1870s, Abraham was elected as a Sharon Township Trustee
and served in that capacity for several terms. He continued his occupation as a
builder, carpenter, contractor, and won the contract for building the current
Morton School building in the summer of 1883.
Abraham also became one of the directors of the Underwriter's Mutual Fire Insurance
Company (later the Shelby Mutual Insurance Company), while his son-in-law
Henry Wentz Jr. was the company secretary.
Barbara died on March 27, 1897, and Abraham died February 16, 1904.
Both are interred at the Oakland Cemetery, Shelby, Ohio.

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