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Leonard May

Leonard May was born in Loudoun Co., Va., December 27, 1783. His parents, John Andrew, bn 1753; and Maria Sophia Exline May, bn 1756, were born in Loudoun Co. as well. John Andrew's parents, Johann Leonhardt, bn 1718; and Anna Christina Schuch(e) May, bn 1718; were immigrants from Germany who settled in Loudoun Co. Maria Sophia Exline May's parents were Adam Exline, bn c. 1733 and Mary Ann Prior, bn c. 1733. Adam was born in Winchester, Frederick Co., Va. and Mary Prior in Bedford Co., Pa.
Leonard May's father, John Andrew, was a Revolutionary War veteran who fought in the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment. He died in 1826 and is buried in Friends Cove Cemetery in Colerain Twp., Bedford Co., Pa.
Leonard first married Elizabeth (unk) c. 1806 in Bedford Co., Pa. and they were parents of John May, bn 1808; Leanna May, bn 1813; David May, bn 1810; and William May, bn 1812. Elizabeth May died sometime between 1813 and 1818 in Bedford Co.
Leonard's second wife, Catherine Wertz, was born November 16, 1793 in Bedford Co., Pa. Her parents were Paul and Catherine Stiffler Wertz. Paul was born in 1745 in Germany, immigrated to Cumberland Co., Pa. when a young man, and later as an older citizen fought in the War of 1812. Catherine Stiffler, bn 1766, was a native of Bedford Co. Paul and Catherine married there c. 1788. They both died in Cumberland Co., Pa. and are buried there in the Wertz Cemetery.
Leonard and Catherine May moved to the Shelby area c. 1828 where Leonard later purchased land in Sharon Twp., Richland Co. The location of this land can be seen here. Leonard and wife Catherine would be one of the original members of the Little London log church that was built in section 10 in 1832. The log church was used until 1842 - 1843 when a frame structure was erected on the same site. The London Cemetery, the Leonard and Catherine May tombstone, and the frame church (no longer there), can be seen here: London Cemetery. 1
Leonard and Catherine May had the following children (the first five born in Bedford Co. and the last four after their move to Shelby):
Paul Gray
1 Some information in this paragraph abstracted from: History of Richland County, Ohio: It's Past and Present. Compiled by A. A. Graham, Mansfield, Ohio - 1880

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