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Henry Wentz Jr.

In 1834, Henry Wentz Sr. brought his family to Cass Township, Ohio from Perry
Co., PA where Henry Jr. was born on Dec. 9, 1839. Henry worked on the family
farm until age 18 when he began to learn the carpentery trade. At age 21, he
moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana where he worked in the railroad car assembly
At the start of the Civil War, on July 11, 1861, Henry enlisted as a private in
Co. E., 11th Ind. Vol. Inf. and he served throughout the war in various capacities
in campaigns including - Vicksburg, Winchester, Fisher Hill and finally Cedar Creek
on Oct. 19, 1864.
After the war Henry returned to Crestline, Ohio. On June 8, 1865, Henry married
Abraham Bushey's oldest daughter Sarah and entered the lumber business. After
a year, he sold the business and began a hardware store that he ran until about
1875. In 1875 he began an interest in the fire insurance business which he
followed until 1880 when he became the secretary the Underwriter's Mutual Fire
Insurance Company, which would become the Shelby Mutual Insurance Company.
Also during the mid 1880s, Henry served as the clerk for the Sharon Township
Trustees and was a member of the Crestline city council.
Henry and Sarah were the parents of two sons and a daughter.

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