Shelby Buckeye
Band Association
      In August 1886, Shelby hosted the first annual reunion of the
      Buckeye Band Association. This was an experiment organized by
      Edward F. Smith (born 1845 in Ashland Co., Ohio).
      Edward enlisted on May 25, 1861, at the age of 16, as a musician in
      the 7th Regt. OVI and continued his service as a bugler in Co. H.,
      2nd Regt. of the OVC. He was mustered out August 12, 1865.
      During his term of enlistment, and near the end of the war, he had
      an encounter with President Lincoln that was recalled many years
      later in a Shelby Globe article:
      "Prof. Smith once frightened Abraham Lincoln's riding horse and for a time he and
      several companions were at a loss to know what sort of punishment would be meted
      out to them. They were in camp close to Petersburg, Va., having just returned from
      a raid. The weather was intensely warm and the soldiers suffered from the heat.
      Nearby the camp was a ravine where there was underbrush and weeds of every
      description. A party of soldiers among whom was Mr. Smith, went to the ravine
      where they gathered a load of weeds and brush intending to carry them to their
      tents. Each soldier was loaded with a pile of brush as they emerged from the ravine
      Abraham Lincoln accompanied by several officers and an escort were passing.
      Lincoln's horse frightened and his hat fell to the ground. One of the officers
      dismounted, recovered the hat and attempted to hold his horse. Lincoln left the
      saddle and in company with an officer started back to see who the soldiers were.
      As he came up to them he was dusting his hat and the soldiers attempted to
      apologize for having frightened the horse. Lincoln assured them that no apology
      was necessary, that mistakes would happen and that they were not to blame for
      the accident any more then he was." 1
      After the war, he followed his interest as a musician and later formed
      a marching military band in Shelby. Many local communities had
      similar bands and Edward decided to invite these community
      bands to Shelby for a "grand march and display."
      The first reunion of 1886 was such a great success that additional
      bands were invited to attend a second reunion the following May 20,
      1887. It was at this time the Buckeye Band Association was formed
      with Edward F. Smith as the Musical Director. The object of this
      association was to advance the interests of bands, here and throughout
      the State of Ohio, to bring about a better feeling among bands, as well
      as citizens in the communities. It was estimated that over 8,000
      people were in attendance to view the bands at this second reunion.
      Bands in attendance came from the communities of: Attica, Agosta,
      Brandon, Galion, Ganges, Havanna, Independence, Lucas, Lexington,
      Neveda, Orville, Pavonia, Republic, Steam Corners, Seville, Shelby,
      and Utica.
      The bands first lined up as individual units and marched east on
      Main St. to Second street and then north to North St. and back to
      Main St by way of Broadway and then west through town out West
      Main St. to the old Fairgrounds. At the Fairgrounds, the bands were
      reorganized as one large unit of 339 members, which then counter
      marched back east on Main St. to Central Park, where a free meal
      was served to all band members. After an afternoon of entertaining
      the band members agreed to meet again the following year in
      Galion, Ohio.
      Shelby became the "home" of the Buckeye Band organization and
      yearly reunions were held here and in neighboring communities.
      The Shelby Citizen's Band, first formed at the direction of Prof.
      E. F. Smith continued as a source of community entertainment.

    photo ca. 1906
    The Shelby Buckeye / Citizen's Band
    The Civil War bugler, Edward F. "Jerry" Smith passed away on
    April 6, 1907.
    photo ca. 1906
     Edward F. Smith (1845 - 1907)
    His musical tradition, continued over the years, were an integral
    part of Shelby's summer celebrations and Civil War Veteran Reunions.
      In late August, 1909 there was a combined reunion in Shelby of
      the Sherman Brigade Veterans and the Shelby Buckeye Band.
      Shelby Band - 1909
      The members of the 1909 Shelby Band included:
      Band Director - Prof. Rush Rosenberry
      F. H. Williams, clarinet and vocals; Dutch Hoover, clarinet;
      Will Close, clarinet; Roland Brooks, clarinet; George Anderson;
      Mr. Tidball; Howard Seltzer; Clare Bloomfield; Walter Hanna;
      Eoster Wilhyde; George Duvall; Warren Oman; Cletis Briner;
      Charles Clutter; Lloyd Ward; Earnest Omweg, alto;
      Butch Hartman, tuba; Scruttle Ward, tuba; Walter Wilson, alto;
      Will Cook, bass; Fritz Hyde, bass; Charles Harley, bass;
      Leonard Elston, bass drum; Bob White, drums;
      Howard Rohrer, drums. 2
      To be continued - - -
    1 Abstracted from an article appearing in the Shelby Globe - Nov. 21, 1903.
    2. Abstracted from an article in the Shelby Globe - Dec. 14, 1908.


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