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Golden Wedding Anniversary Celebrated Today by Mr. and Mrs. Samuel FREY.
Venerable Couple Complete Half a Century of Married Life.
The fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel FREY of our city was observed
today at their home on Second Street.

Mr. and Mrs. FREY were married at Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Dec. 4, 1853. They began housekeeping
at Lexington, O., and moved to this place in April 1857, where they have since lived and
where they gained by their circumspect and upright lives the highest esteem and respect
of all our citizens.
The many friends of this pioneer couple of Shelby are glad to note the event of today and
wish them continued happiness and contautment in their church and other social
relations which they have so creditably held since their advent here in 1857.
They are the parents of five children, two of whom died in infancy; a son, Albert, died in
1871, aged nine years, The Misses Emily and Sylvia FREY, well known and highly
respected daughters, live with their parents at their pleasant home in our city.
Mr. FREY is a veteran of the Mexican war in which he faithfully served his country
until honorably discharged; he was born at Beallsville, Pa., Oct 31st, 1821. Mrs. FREY
who was Miss Eunice K. WILLIAMS, was born at West Bridgewater, Mass., Oct. 7, 1825.
May the years that are yet to come to them be as happy as those that have passed.
Until recently Samuel FREY was a familiar figure, having been employed as mail carrier
between the junction and the postoffice. He has filled positions of responsibility and
his life has been a busy one. He was billing and checking clerk at the junction for
seventeen years. For ten years more he was baggage master at the junction. Then,
having been mail carrier a number of years, he became well known to the people of
Shelby and vicinity. He filled all the positions with honor to himself and is known as
a man of integrity. His Mexican was war experiences have already been published in
the Globe. He enlisted for general service at Mt. Vernon in March 1847.
Both Mr. and Mrs. FREY have enjoyed good health during their lives and feel grateful
for having been preserved too celebrate their golden wedding.
The Shelby Globe Newspaper. Found in Scrapbook.


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