From the Crestline Advocate; November 18,1909

Judge Jenner's Will

Bulk of Estate left to wife-Many Provisions for Children-

Shelby to get Park

Crestline people will read with interest the somewhat lengthy will of the late
Judge Jenner of Mansfield, who was well known here, as taken from the Mansfield
Shield. The last will of Judge John W. Jenner who died November 8, has been
filed for probate.

He bequeaths to his wife Emma A. Jenner,all his real and personal property,
all money notes, credits as well as $18,000 of his life insurance.

The deceased bequeathed to his son John Mack Jenner, his gold watch all
law books and office furniture as well as the family library, but the library
shall be subject to the use of Mrs. Jenner during her natural life.

The will provides that if Mrs. Jenner did not survive him all of his real and
personal estate was to be divided among his children and two grandchildren.
Item 4 of the will provides, after the payment of debt, for the erection of
a monument on the family lot in the cemetery at a cost not to exceed
$200 or $300.

The deceased devised the proceeds arising from the estate to be distributed
from time to time as folows: Two-ninths to Mrs. Florence Jenner Dann,
two-ninths to his daughter Grace Jenner McConnell; two-ninths to his
daughter Gertrude Jenner, two-ninths to his son John Mack Jenner; one-ninth
to his two grandaughters, Florence and Christine Wagner who are the only
heirs of his daughter Mary Jenner Wagner.

It is the wish of the deceased that his executor should take such reasonable
time for the sale of his real estate as my be deemed by them for the best
interests of the legatees. It is provided that the real estate may be subdivided
and sold, or sold without subdivision as in their oppinion may be deemed
the best. This especially applies to the homestead now occupied by the
family in Mansfield. It is also the wish of the deceased that the farm
in Sharon township owned jointly by himslef and wife, half of which is
in the city limits be platted into lots and sold. Forty or fifty of the lots
can be platted at a time . The will states that a part of the farm was
offered as a park and that the land may be sold and donated as his wife
and himself have proposed to Shelby.

His executors are allowed ten years for the platting and sale of the land
which is known as the "EAST" farm to distinguish it from a farm of
107 acres lying adjacent to Shelby on the west ownded jointy by his wife
and her niece. Except this farm, comprising about 130 acres, he desires
that all other real estate should be sold within 2 years.

The will provides that the assests should be converted into money as
rapidly as possible without sacrificing values and after payment of
the debts one thousand dollars shall be paid Gertrude Jenner to make
her equal to her sisters who each received one thousand dollars when t
hey were married; five thousand dillars the executors shall place in the
Mansfield Building and Loan association for the education of his son
John Mack Jenner and during each year after he enters college, one
thousand dollars shall be paid him for clothing and his college expenses.

The will provides that the balance of the proceeds from any and
all sources shall be paid annually as follows.

Two-ninths to each daughter; two ninths to be placed on interest
in the Mansfield Building Association to the credit of his son John
Mack Jenner and the same be paid to him when he is 23 years old,
one ninth to be paid to Clayton C. Wagner in trust for his daughters
Florence and Christine to be placed on interest until their marriage
or until the youngest reaches the age of 25 years when half of the
sum shall be paid to each. Clayton C. Wagner shall not be required
to give bond as trustee.

The five thousand dollars set apart for the education of his son is
not be charged against him as part of the distributive share of the estate
but if he has received one or more years of college education when
this will is probated, one thousand dollars less for each year he has spent
in college shall be deducted from the sum of the five thousand dollars.

The will provides that if his wife survives she is the absolute owner of all
he was possessed of except as provided for, relative to the bequests to his son.

He appoints his wife executrix without bond and it is only in the event of
his survival of his wife that the items of the will relative to bequests to his
children and grandchildren were provided to become effective.

In the event of surviving his wife the deceased provided that his son Jack,
son-in-laws E.W. Dunn and Fred S. McConnell be appoionted executors
without bond.

This will was dated Sept 23, 1907 and was witnessed by L.J. Myers
and William MacE. Weldon.



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