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The Autocall Company was established in 1906.
The following is an article that appeared in the Shelby Globe issued November 24, 1914:
" One of Shelby's Industries Which is Supplying the World With Its Products.
Established in 1906 by Two Shelby Men Who Patented the Invention Which Has Become Famous."
"Among the leading industries which are located in the busy manufacturing center of this garden spot of the world is the Autocall Company, which occupies a most prominent place, of which the city is proud. Ten years ago a factory of this nature was not thought of, but as years rolled by and the times changed, it was decided to develop an electrically operated signaling service and if the invention proved satisfactory a factory would be established in Shelby. It took men of thought to perfect a system of this nature, with the proper appliances, in order that it might be valuable to those who desired to purchase it. The Autocall Company is comparatively a new concern in Shelby, having been established about eight years ago. The concern is destined to make a mark of great width and indefinite length on the blackboard of fame. The company has one of the brightest outlooks of any concern that ever started in business, its product being in general demand by factories, wholesale houses, department stores and throughout the world. This company has made a place for itself in the marts of the whole United States and sends its system out to every state and city."
The Daily Globe - November 24, 1914
"The Autocall Company was established in 1906, and for some time it did business in a small building on Washington Street. The concern began to grow and the demand for the product became so great until it was found necessary to erect a building for manufacturing purposes where the business could be conducted on a larger scale. The invention was worked out by W. W. Van Horn and the late J. C. Fish. Both of these men became interested in the matter and it was not long after that patents were granted and the new concern was doing an immense business."

Autocall Company - photo c. 1912
"The new building was erected a few years ago and is located in the southeastern part of the city, near the Baltimore & Ohio railroad tracks. The building and ground covers about one acre and is centrally located. The building is two stories high and is constructed of brick and concrete and is fireproof in every respect. From fifteen to twenty hands are employed.
This concern makes a speciality of Autocall and fire alarm systems. The fire alarm system is used extensively in New York City, under the approval of the Bureau of Fire Prevention. The company maintains an office in the Hudson Terminal Building, New York City. They have representatives in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Buffalo, Minneapolis, and other larger cities in the United States. The company exports products to England, Germany, Australia, and Canada. The Autocall Company also does a large business with electrical jobbers.
The Autocall is an electrically operated signaling service, the purpose of which is to promptly locate any of the heads or important members of the organization without disturbance to any but the party wanted. "
"Central" ---------------- The Daily Globe - November 24, 1914
" Audible signals located throughout the various rooms and departments of your establishment summons any number of men by a simple code operated semi-automatically through a 'central ' in the office. The time ordinarily lost in men looking for one another is saved by the use of the Autocall. The signals are made suitable to the quietest office or store or to the noisiest factory department, so that there is no question of signals being disturbed in quiet places or of their not being heard in noisy places.
The Autocall is now considered indispensable by many of the most representative concerns in the country. It adds to the efficiency of the most valuable members of the organization by conserving their time, thus adding to their productivity.
The Autocall central is made in sizes to suit the requirements to call from five to fifty people. The signals are operated from a lighting or power circuit. The cost of the system is reasonable and the maintenance and cost of operation negligible.
The company has a corps of officers. Namely:
J. G. Van Horn, President;
W. W. Van Horn, Vice-President;
W. H. Myers, Secretary and Treasurer;
H. D. Seltzer, General Manager;
E. W. Bagg, Factory Manager. "

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