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Ott Brothers - (F. A. & F. B. Ott)

The Oldest Firm in Shelby (1897)
Ott Bros. - Corner of Church and Main Streets.
Harness and Leather Store.
This firm was formed by F. A. and F. B. Ott, who were engaged in business since 1857, lay claim to being the oldest firm in the city under one firm name. From 1857 to 1892 they conducted a tannery on North Gamble Street. In 1882 they connected a harness business with the tannery. F. B. Ott acting as manager of the store on account of failing health incapacitating him for work in the tannery. In 1892F. B. Ott died and by special request before his demise his interests were looked after from that time by W. S. Ott his son, the firm still doing business under the name of Ott Bros.
Corner of Church and Main Streets
March 1, 1897, by mutual consent of the interested parties the firm disolved, selling their interests to W. S. Ott, who will continue the business in the future. His place is headquarters for all kinds of turf goods, fur and cattle robes, blankets of many patterns and qualities. The best of new harness always on hand and repair work a specialty.
The Republican Industrial Edition - 1897

F. A. Ott ( Frederick Andrew "Fritz") and F. B. (Frederick John B. ) Ott were probably the two oldest sons of Johann Georg Siegfried and Magdelena Bauer Ott, both from Baden, Germany. F.A. & F. B. came to this country from Germany and settled in the Shelby area in 1855. They had at least one other younger brother Gottfried Frederick who immigrated about 10 years later and settled in the Cleveland, Ohio area. The two oldest brothers established a tannery along the east side of North Gamble Street just south of West Smiley Avenue. Their younger brother Gottfried became a farmer and then a professional gardener in East Cleveland, Ohio.
Not long after establishing their successful tannery business F. B. Ott married Louise Mueller c. 1857 and started their family with the birth of G. F. Siegfried Ott in 1858 and Andreas Franklin Ott in 1860. Both of these children died at a very young age. F. A. married Isabelle Jane "Jennie" Marvin (a daughter of Stephen and Sarah Burr Sherwood Marvin) in March of 1864. A few months later, younger brother F. B. began service in the Civil War, as a private in Co. F, 163rd Regiment, OVI. He was discharged in September of 1864 and returned to his family in Shelby.*
The two brothers and their families lived on North Gamble just across from the tannery. Their brick homes were under construction at the time of the Civil War. They are located on the North west and South west corners of the intersection of North Gamble Street and West Smiley Ave.
F. B. died in 1892 in Shelby and is buried in the Oakland Cemetery.** F. B. 's son William Siegfried Ott is the "W. S. " referred to in the Republican article above. Louisa Mueller Ott died in 1929 in Shelby and is buried in Oakland cemetery.
F. A. "Fritz" Ott and Jennie raised a family of five children, three of which died prior to their parents. Fritz passed away in 1913 and Jennie in 1922. They and all of their children with the exception of the oldest, Stephen Siegfried Ott, are buried in Oakland cemetery

* Information obtained in the publication "Deceased Veterans, Shelby, Ohio - Richland County & Vicinity".

** Information obtained in the publication " Shelby Oakland Cemetery and Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic Cemetery Records".

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