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The Shelby Carriage Works

The Daily Globe – Shelby Ohio – April 2, 1906
Perhaps the oldest manufacturing concern in Shelby is that conducted by S. Shreffler, under the name of the Shelby Carriage Works. He established the business in 1873 and began the manufacture of vehicles. He had learned his trade in 1865 and has ever since been famous as a man who made the best vehicles in this section of the state. The building which he occupies had been a chair factory, a grist mill and a woolen factory, so that the history of the place is one that has much about it to make it interesting as a landmark.
Mr. Shreffler does a large business. He employs fifteen men and turns out a lot of work during a year. He manufactures all his buggies, carriages and special work and no carriage maker has a reputation for fine work which stands higher than does his product.
He does not confine his efforts solely to this immediate vicinity, but gets orders from nearly all of the towns hereabouts. Hardly a town in this neighborhood that has some of his vehicles, and this spring he has many orders from outside points from patrons who know the value of the goods made by this concern.
His work is all built on honor. They are the best of their kind and stand up under heavy wear, giving the users such service as well repays them. In connection with the new work done by him he does an extensive repair business, and his shop is nearly always crowded with work of this kind. He handles the Turnbull wagon, besides carrying a complete line of light harnesses.
Mr. Shreffler is known so well to the older people of this community that it is hardly necessary to comment on his methods of doing business, but it may be said in all truthfulness that his word is always as good as his bond.
His business has continuously grown since he has been in business in Shelby. During the past few years it has been better than ever and the prospects for this year are as good as they have ever been. If you are thinking of buying a new carriage, or wagon, or replacing your old harness, or have repair work to do, you will consult your best interests by leaving your orders with the Shelby Carriage Works.

Article contributed by Ruby Bonecutter


Advertisement in the Shelby Times April 29, 1882


Photo courtesy of John & Doris Yetzer
Shreffler Carriage Inventory
Possibly on Mill Street
The Shreffler Carriage Works was located on Mill Street, (now Whitney) on
the North side of the street and West of the Blackfork bridge. This location was
used for both assembly and storage of inventory. The storage location on Mill
Street in 1884, and in 1904 was a 2 story building. The Yetzer's who allowed
the use of this photo mentioned that the ceiling in this photo might indicate
a second story location or at least, probably not the first floor of a building.

Samuel Shreffler was born in Ohio c1848. By 1870 he was blacksmithing by trade and living in
Weller Twp., Richland, Ohio. He married Ella Lance (bn c1856) in 1875 and by 1880 they were
living on Broadway St. in Shelby, Richland Co., Ohio and Samuel was still in the blacksmith
trade. The 1900 census reveals that Samuel and Ella were living at 59 N. Broadway and
by this time he is a carriage maker and continues this business through 1910.
By 1920 they are still living at 59 N. Broadway but Samuel has retired.
Samuel Shreffler 1848 - 1922, Ella Lance Shreffler 1856 - 1940.
Both are buried in Oakland Cemetery.

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