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The Shelby Cycle Manufacturing Company

Shelby's Latest Enterprise
"On Monday p.m., the stockholders of The Shelby Cycle Manufacturing Co., organized
with a capital stock of $120,000.00. The corporation in question elected the following
members of the Board:
D. L. Cockley, President
 W. W. Skiles, Vice-President
 H. M. Dick, Treasurer
 James W. Williams, Secretary
The location is not yet selected but will be at no late date. It is not fully determined if
main plant is to be two or three stories with two or more winds.
It is claimed by the men who know whereof they speak that this enterprise will be
more beneficial to Shelby than all other manufacturies combined in Shelby inasmuch
as eighty per cent of the expenses in the manufacture of a bicycle is skilled labor.
Tally one more manufactury for Shelby."

Shelby Times - June 27, 1891

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