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The Daily Globe, Shelby OH – April 7, 1906
The Shelby Machine company is a corporation organized in 1904,
with a capital of $20,000. The officers of the company are A.C. Morse,
president and H. Brubaker, secretary and treasurer. The company is engaged
in the manufacture of products from seamless tubing, and, since they have
begun operations their line has increased considerably and promises still greater
things for the future. The principal articles of manufacture are die stock handles,
rollers for cabinet files and closing the ends of cold drawn seamless tubes for
various mechanical purposes. Although the institution is yet in its infancy,
they are nevertheless employing a number of men and working overtime to
fill the orders which they have on hand. At the present time they are having
a number of machines built for them which will very largely increase their
output and it is not unlikely that within a short period of time they will
erect a handsome factory building to care for the business on such a scale as
will make it a very fine factory. The future of the business is all that the
promoters could hope for it, and developing as they are, slowly and surely,
their progress will be sure and permanent.
They are now figuring with a New York house to build hospital furniture
out of seamless tubing which only goes to show the wide application to which
their line may be adapted as time goes on.
We predict a fine future for this concern, and believe it will become
an institution of which the town may be proud and which will reflect no little
credit upon those who organized it.

Article contributed by Ruby Bonecutter

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