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The Daily Globe, Shelby OH – April 2, 1906
One of the newer manufacturing concerns with a fine future - The growth of the business such as to require still greater expansion, with prospects for doubling the capacity within a short time.
The Shelby Printing Company organized in 1905, is one of the newer manufacturing institutions of the town with prospects ahead as bright as any house could hope for. Their business is almost mainly devoted to the making of salesbooks, duplicate, triplicate, or quaduplicate devices for the rapid handling of business in retail stores, manufacturing concerns and other establishments requiring system and absolute certainty. The business of Shelby Printing Company has increased by leaps and bounds during the past few months - in fact so great has been the demands made upon them that it has been with difficulty that they have been able to fill the orders entrusted to them for execution.

Shelby Printing Company c. 1906 (courtesy of The Daily Globe)
The capital stock of the Company is $75,000, the officers, being J. C. Fish, President; C. F. Fish, secretary; Henry Wentz, Treasurer and O. S. Gauch General Manager. The company is purely local in it's character, and has no relation to the combination which has sought to control prices and output.
The Company erected a very fine factory building along the B. & O. Railroad, over a year ago, and during the coming year anticipates adding very materially to it's factory space in order to provide for the demands made upon them, and to more properly care for the large amount of business offered them. As it is, their daily capacity now is 25,000 books, and this product is shipped to the four corners of the earth. Hardly a section of the U. S. is too remote for them to reach, and their line may be found in use in Maine, in California, Texas, Alaska as well as points nearer home.
The plant is equipped with the most modern devices to be had. It's special machinery are marvels of ingenuity and rapidity and reel off paper from large rolls, printing in one, two, or three colors until the eye is bewildered. With the special machinery installed by them they are able to produce very cheaply, and are today the leading competition of the trust west of the Allegheny mountains. During the past month the company shipped over 300,000 books to various sections of the country - a record certainly which gives this town a larger amount of advertising than it ever had before.
All indications point to the rapid growth of the Shelby Printing Company, and the day may not be very distant when it will be one of the greatest concerns of the kind in the country - and contribute in no uncertain way to the prosperity and expansion of it's home city.

Shelby Printing Company c. 1910

The Daily Globe, Shelby OH – February 11, 1918
$1,000,000 CORPORATION
Simple Account Sales Book Co., of Fremont, Ohio and
Shelby Printing Co., Consolidate. Both Factories Will
be Operated by the Shelby Sales Book Co.
Shelby became the home of another $1,000,000 corporation Friday when the stockholders of the Shelby Printing Company approved the plans for the purchase of the Simple Account Sales Book Company of Fremont, Ohio. The capital stock of the Shelby Printing Company will be increased to $1,000,000 and the combined corporation will be The Shelby Sales Book Company.
The new corporation will be officered as follows: W. W. Van Horn, President, E. J. Carter, Vice President, C. S. Huber, Secretary and Sales Manager, and J. G. Van Horn, Treasurer and General Manager.
At the fore front of Shelby's great industries stands the Shelby Salesbook Company, a million dollar corporation, whose growth in the next year will surpass your expectations and in whose success the city will take great pride.

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