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The Daily Globe, Shelby OH – April 7, 1906
The Shelby Spring Hinge Co. was organized in 1900 under the name of the Easy Spring
Hinge Co. At that time they were located in the old marble works, which, after a short
occupancy was added to until all the ground belonging to them was occupied. About one
year after the organization of the company the name was changed to the Shelby Spring
Hinge Co. and this name it has made famous in hardware circles in many states. In January
1904 the present fine quarters were secured and occupied which gave the factory four times
as much space as it had before, with conveniences which made their work much easier.
The present factory building is one of the best constructed brick structures in town and with
the grounds adjacent affords the company ample room for future expansion.

The Shelby Spring Hinge Company
The present capital stock of the company is $60,000 and the number of people employed
will aggregate seventy-five. Ten travelers are employed on the road while branch houses with
large stocks are located at New York, Boston and Chicago. They have agencies in many
of the principal centers in this country and Canada and have during the past few years
been very aggressive in their operation.
Originally they made a double acting jamb spring hinge, but this has been discontinued
and for some years past the Shelby Chief double acting floor hinge has been the principal
item of manufacture. They make as many floor hinges in a day now as they did in a week
a few years ago, thus showing the enormous demand which has been created for this
article. Besides the Floor hinge made they make numerous other articles, some of which
are sold in tremendous quantities. Screen door hinges are turned out by the thousands and
at this season of the year vast shipments of all classes of their product are daily made
preparatory to the opening of the spring season.
During this year they have used nearly five cars of steel in the manufacture of screen
door hinges and when it is considered that all their product consist of very small pieces, it
will be readily seen that the product must be enormous in the finished ware. We might note
in this connection a part of the articles which they make. The list includes Shelby Chief
Floor Hinge, Crescent drawer pull, silk toilet paper holder, bevel edge push plates,
Buckeye screen door hinges, screen door pulls, bevel edge sash lifts, oval drawer pulls,
square sash lifts, cupboard catches, round knob cupboard turns, square back drawer
pulls, flat bar lifts, oval knob cupboard turns, round bar lifts, satin toilet paper holders,
flat edge flush lifts, all steel sash locks, tee handle cupboard turns, steel bevel edged
door bolts, bevel edge flush lifts, screen door hinges in sets, steel box pulls and Ohio
detachable screen hinge.
This product goes out in every state and territory of the country while large shipments
are made to Canada and other foreign countries. The demand for the product of this
company has increased every month, and the efforts of the manufacturers have been
steadily directed to use every effort to increase the output. They are now practically
sold out of finished product and two months behind orders – a condition of affairs
showing in no uncertain manner the degree of prosperity which they are enjoying.
This condition it may be said has been created entirely by the fact that they have
produced goods of merit, built on honor and which, for service, will equal the
best produced by any other firm in the world The mechanical part of their
establishment is quite as complete in every way, the best machines and finest
equipment procurable being installed in their establishment – either specially
designed for their work, or the best of the regular lines made. Their present
quarters covering an area of 20,000 square feet is fully utilized and it would not
be surprising were business conditions to become such as to add materially to
their factory space in the near future. The officers of the company are
H. F. Griffiths, president; J. W. Williams, vice president, J. A. Seltzer, secretary,
and H. W. Steele, treasurer and manager.
These gentlemen are so well known that comment is unnecessary, as they
stand in their home community for the highest ideals in business and private life.
They have created a big business in six years by dint of the hardest kind of effort and
they are today reaping the benefit which honest conscientious effort will always bring.

The above articles originally appeared in the Shelby Spirits Newsletter
and were contributed by the Shelby Genealogy Society.

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