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This stone with plaque sits at the front of this small Family Cemetery.
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The plaque reads:
"The Head of the Coltman Family in this Township was Joseph Coltman
who came here from Virginia in 1820. He and his son built a saw mill
and a grist - mill on the bank of the creek opposite this spot. Four
generations of his descendants rest with him in this ground."
John W. Coltman, the 3rd- Great-grandson of Joseph Coltman (above)
"The plaque was made and installed by the well-known
Cleveland artist, Ora Coltman, the great grandson of the original Joseph.
Ora was born in Shelby in 1858, died in Cleveland in 1940."
"Incidently, the cover story of the January-February (2002) issue of TIMELINE,
a publication of the Ohio Historical Society, is an excellent illustrated
biography of Ora Coltman."
"Also, the proprietor of the Coltman Hotel (in Shelby) was Samuel Coltman
(1818-1892), one of the seven children of the Joseph Coltman who
came with his father in 1820 to build the sawmill."
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"Gravestone of the younger Joseph Coltman,
the son mentioned in the plaque above"
Died November 5, 1863 aged 68 years, 2 months
"Nearby is that of his wife Mary, named as Polly
Shepherd in the Berkeley County (then Virginia)
marriage bond dated January 11, 1816."
Died December 26, 1863 aged 71 years, 9 months.
We wish to thank John W. Coltman (Ora's Coltman's Grandson)
for his welcome addition to this page!!
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