Nazor - Schwartz Cemetery
(Originally named Frieden (Peace) Church )
Lutheran & German Reformed Church and Burying Ground
Located on the Southeast corner of Hummel Road & Settlement East Road.
(If you have Google Earth go to location:
40 deg. 50'08.15"N & 82 deg. 40'37.81"W)
This cemetery is located on an acre of land originally purchased from
the government on June 2, 1831. The original purchaser was Robert
Kerr who bought this acre and 159 more located in the SE 1/4 of
Section 30, in township 22, and range 19, for $200 or $1.25 per acre.
About 10 years later on the 11th of February, 1841, Robert Kerr
made a covenant with the Trustees of the Lutheran and German
Reformed Church of Sharon Township. The Trustees were Samuel
Nazor, John Deardorff, and George Slaybaugh. The agreement was to
be in effect from the 11th of February, "one thousand eight hundred
and forty - one until the 11th of February, one thousand eleven hundred
and forty one, or for a term of 300 years...... For the purpose of erecting
a house of public worship, to be called Frieden Church and for a burying
ground ....connected with said church."
The agreement also stated that the Trustees were to "agree pay to the
said Robert Kerr and to his heirs and assigns, the sum of one dollar to
be paid at the expiration of the term of three hundred years.."
Robert Kerr was born in 1799 in Beaver Co., Pa. His father David Kerr came
to Pa. from Camden, N. J. where he married Cornelia Chamerlain in 1785.
They had a large family, with Robert probably being 8th of at least 11 children.
After purchasing this land in 1831, Robert married Abigail King (a daughter of
John and Eliza King) in 1832 here in Richland County. Robert and Abigail
would also have a large family of at least 13 children. Robert, Abigail and
many of their children are buried in the Oakland Cemetery in Shelby, Ohio.
Two of the three Trustees mentioned above are included in the cemetery
listings below. The third, John George Slaybaugh (Schlebach) was born in 1789
probably in Adams County, Pa. He moved from Adams County, Pa. to Richland
County, c 1834 and remained in the Sharon Twp. area for the rest of his life.
He married Magdalena Starry before moving to Richland County. It is
probable that they had 12 children, most being born in Pa. George and
his wife Magdlena are buried in the Oakland Cemetery.
Partial Cemetery Listing:
Georg Adam & Barbara Frank


Adam Frank
Born Mar. 8, 1798
Died Mar. 18, 1861
Aged 63 Y. 11D.
Barbara (Weidner) Frank
Wife of
Adam Frank
Born Mar. 8, 1802
Died Dec. 11, 1879
Aged 77 Y. 6M. 3D.
George Frank
Died July 17, 1893
Aged 69 Y. 18 D.

Anna (Solwarder / Swander)
Wife of G. Frank
Died Sep. 13, 1862
Aged 30Y. 1M. 10D.
George Frank
Died Sep. 4, 1874
Aged 2 Mo. & 10 Ds.
s/o G. & E.
(George & Eliza Bernhisel - 2nd Wife)

Huber (infant daughter)
Died Jul 26, 1862
Aged 1 Mo. & 8 ds.
d/o A. & B.
(Adam & Barbara Frank / Huber)
(Barbara was a daughter of George Adam Frank)


Wendell Weidner
Died Jan. 16, 1873
Aged 73 yrs, 11 days
(Born Jan. 1, 1800)
Catherine (Weidner)
Died Mar 26, 1856
Aged 53 yrs, 9 mos
(Born June, 1, 1802)


Henry Wirtz
Aprl 14, 1806
Died Feb. 7, 1878
Aged 71Y. 9M. 21D.

Elizabeth Wirtz
Nov. 2, 1841
Died Sept. 27, 1853
Aged 11 Y. 10M. 25D.
(daughter of Henry & Anne Mariah Wirtz)

Mary Wirtz
Aug.4, 1842
Died July 20, 1858
Aged 15Y. 11M. 16 D.
(daughter of Henry & Anne Mariah Wirtz)
Died March 22, 1848
(child of Henry & Anne Mariah)

Catherine D. Wirtz
Feb. 22, 1879
Died April 17, 1879
Aged 1M. 26 D.
(daughter of Henry J. & Mary Frank / Wirtz)
Valentine Will
February 02, 1802
July 04, 1855
Elizabeth Will
January 15, 1805
December 08, 1893



George E. Koch
Dec. 28, 1880
78Y 7M 18D
(Born May 10, 1802)
(George was Elizabeth Cook/Will's brother- above)
Elizabeth K. Koch
Dec. 8, 1884
73Y 9M 20D
(Elizabeth was born Feb. 18, 1811)


Samuel Nazor
Died Sept. 27, 1886
Aged 85 Ys. 7 Mo. & 24 Ds.
(Born Feb. 3, 1801)
Catherine (Ranck) Nazor
(wife of Samuel , & d/o John Geo. Ranck)
Died Mar. 20, 1879
Aged 68 Ys. 1 Mo & 1 day
(Born Feb. 19, 1811)


Israel Nazor
Died Oct. 7, 1892
Aged 56 Yr. 8 Mo. & 13 Ds.
(Born Jan. 24, 1836)
Co I. 15th Regt. O. V. Inf. - GAR
(Entered Service - Private - Sept. 7, 1861
Final Discharge - Serg. - Nov. 21, 1865)
Ellen Nazor
(Ellen Faulkner)
w/o Isreal
1842 - 1912

R. M. Nazor
(Robert McConnell Nazor)
(s/o Israel & Ellen)
Co. 9, 2nd U. S. Inf

Martin Smith
Sept. 1. 1871
63Y 8M 12D
(Born Dec. 12, 1807)
Catherine (Weidner) Smith
Nov. 18, 1878
69Y 2M 22D
(Born Aug. 21, 1809)
Julius Smith
Sep. 9, 1840
Apr. 14, 1893
(Julius was one of
4 sons born to Martin &
Catherine Weidner Smith)
Valentine Smaltz
Born July 22, 1817
Died Dec. 09, 1893
Catherine (Bauer) Smaltz
Born Jan, 04, 1819
Died Jan. 06, 1894


David Shaffner
Died March 11 1870
Age 80Y 23D
(Born c Feb. 16, 1790)
Elizabeth Shaffner
Died Jan. 29, 1868
w/o David
(Born c 1789)

    Wife of
    John Deardorff
    Died Feb. 20, 1857
    Aged 73 Ys. 1 M.
    (bn. c Jan. 1796)
    John Deardorff
    bn. c 1798
    died after 1860


Infant son of:
H. F. & A. Cronenwett
(Harry F. & Amy Cronenwett)
Feb. 13, 1904
Feb. 14, 1904
(Kirkberg, Kirkenberg)
Phebea Phoebe - wife of
Cristian Kalkenberg
Died 26 Dec., 1850
Aged 56Y 6 D
(20 Dec., 1794)
Catharina - wife of
Cristian Kalkenberg
Died 27 May, 1863
Aged 66 Y
(bn. c May 1797)
(2nd wife)
Cristian Kalkenberg
Died 17 Oct., 1863
Aged 67 Y
(bn. c Oct. 1796)

The children of Christian and Phoebe Kalkenberg / Kirkenburg / Kirkingburg moved
to Williams Co., Ohio at about the time of Christian's passing. The family includes:
Henry Kirkenberg - bn. c 1831 in Bavaria,
John Kirkenberg - bn. c 1835 in Ohio and
Levi Kirkenberg - bn c Aug. 1838 in Ohio
    Wife of
    Geo. Rank
    July 21, 1851
    70Y 3M 18D
    Christina Ely Rank
    Born April 3, 1781
    Lancaster Co., Pa.
    Daughter of
    George & Eva
    Christina Ely
    George Rank
    Died June 11 1850
    Aged 73 yrs. 11 d.
    (John George Ranck
    Born May 31, 1777
    Lancaster County, Pa.
    Son of George
    and Barbara Ranck)



Lydia Ann
(Ranck - Gates)
Wife of John Gates
Died June 5, 1853
Aged 28 Y 5M & 6 D
(Born Dec. 30, 1824)
(Daughter of John George
and Christina Ranck)
Dau of
J. & L. A. (Gates)
Jul 11 1852
8M 1D
(Born Nov 10, 1851)
Anna M.
Aug 29, 1852
3Y 11M 16D
(Died Aug. 14, 1856)
d / o
Joseph & Catherine
s / o
Joseph & Catherine
Joseph and Anna Bender were part of the Joseph Bender family consisting of at least 11 children ranging from Sarah born c1834 to Lydia born c 1857. Having come from Pennsylvania c1836, with their two oldest children, Joseph and Catherine Bender settled on 100 acres of farm land in section 2 of Sandusky Twp. (just south of Sharon Twp.) and finished raising their family.
Feb. 14, 1850
13 Y 3M 25D
(Born Oct 20, 1836)
Robert Taylor
Anna was probably the daughter of the Robert Taylor that was listed on the 1850 census for Sharon Twp., Richland Co., Ohio. Robert is shown with no wife and 5 children begining with Jacob born c1832 and ending with John born c 1843. Robert was born c1807 in Pa. and his wife must have died sometime between 1843 and 1850. Robert was living close to Peter Bowman and Robert Kerr, both of whom were associated with the Frieden Church at that time. Robert Taylor and this family seem to disapear from the later census records.
If you have further knowledge of this family, please contact us.
Bowman / Bauman
Oct. 9, 1876
74 Y 6M 11D
(Born Apr. 08, 1801 )
Peter Bowman
Peter & Elizabeth Bauman/Bowman came from Baden, Germany sometime prior to 1840 and settled on the west 1/2 of the SW 1/4 of Section 29 in Sharon Twp. They brought with them at least two childen, Elizabeth and William. William was still living at home in 1850 but in July of 1843 Elizabeth married John Nill/Neil. Peter is still living in Sharon Twp. in 1880 with Mary Klinkle (as a domestic) but it is not clear when he died, and where he may have been buried.
Nill / Neil
Anna Barbara
Mar. 4, 1853
67 Y 2M
(Born Jan. 04, 1786)
John M. Nill
In 1850, John Nill/Neil 33, was living in Sharon Twp., on the 80 acres just east of Peter Bowman's land (see above). He had married in July 1843 to Peter's daughter Elizabeth, and they were the parents of 3 boys under the age of 6. John Nill/Neil's parents do not appear on the 1850 Sharon Twp. but his mother is buried here in 1853.
Does anyone have additional information on John M. and Anna Barbara Nill/Neil?
George Washington
Dec. 7, 1843
1Y 11M
(Born Jan 07, 1842)
In 1840, Renatus Demuth and his son Moses Demuth were living in Sharon Twp. Richland Co., Ohio. The previous year Moses had married Elizabeth Slaybaugh, a daughter of Johannes George and Magdalena Slaybaugh. They were childless in the 1840 census, but in the next 10 years their family had grown to 4 and probably 5 children. The first born child probably was George Washington Demuth. The first child to survive to the next census was Sarah born c1843 and 2 more daughters and a son were born by July 1850. In their later years, Moses and Elizabeth lived on Main St. in Crestline, Ohio
Shupe / Shope
George Loyde
Sept. 17, 1812
3Y 4M 9D
Abraham & Sarah
This Shupe listing as it was taken in 1962 was likely read incorrectly due to the worn condition of the stone or any number of factors. Abraham and Sarah Shupe / Shope were married in 1827 in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. By 1840 they were living in Milton Twp., Richland Co. and by 1850 they were living in Sharon Twp. The census records indicate their children were born from 1830 through 1850. Since they were living in Wayne Twp., Tusc. Co. in 1830 and Milton Twp. in 1840, it is unlikely that George Loyde was born in 1832, so that leaves 1842 or 1852, Since the stone was read as 1812, the most likely date would be 1842 (the worn "4" appearing as a "1") assuming that the final digit was read correctly as a "2". Sarah was born in 1810 so she would have been 42 in 1852. Abraham and Sarah had at least 7 children and were living in the Shiloh area when they passed away.
Jesse Hersh
Son of J & M Hersh
Feb. 21 1866
12Y 3M 11D
Jesse was the oldest son of John and Mary (Berry) Hersh, who lived in the Monroe Twp. Richland Co., area. Jesse's father died July 2, 1855. In June, 1860 Jesse's mother married Isaac Urich who had just lost his first wife and was left with 5 children under the age of 11. Perhaps because of this, Jesse and his older sister Mary were living with their Grandmother Catherine Berry in Monroe Twp., south of Lucas, Ohio. (A younger brother Henry had died in May 1856 and was buried the Mt. Olive (Hersh) Cem., in Monroe Twp. along with many Berry and Hersh family members.)
By the 1870 census, Jesse had died and was buried here while his Grandmother Berry and his sister Mary Hersh were still living in Monroe Twp. Mary, his mother, now had an additional 4 children with Isaac Urich and was living in Sharon Twp. His sister Mary Hersh was to wed William Norris c1875.
Why is Jesse Hersh buried here?
Could it be because Isaac Urich's first wife was Sarah Shaffner, d/o David and Elizabeth Shaffner (see above)?
David and Elizabeth Shaffner were both still living and members of the Frieden Church when Jesse died. Their daughter Sarah had been buried in Oakland cemetery. Maybe they made arrangements to have Jesse buried here where they were planning to be buried in the near future??
Can anyone help with this question??
Hitchcock - Ferrel / Ferrell

Wife of Jas. Hitchcock
1856 (looks like the stone also reads "25"
(Born c. 1814)
(A daughter of Dr. James
and Naomi Hitchcock Ferrel / Ferrell)
This is a recent photo of Milly's marker. The
photo to the left has been provided by Mary
Hitchcock who visited the cemetery approx. 30
years ago and took this black and white photo. Mary's email and photo has helped us solve the mystery of "Milly". The marker is now weathered and overgrown to the extent that it is difficult to determine Milly's husband's name.
Amelia (Milly) Ferrel (Ferrell) was born c. 1814 in Harrison County, Ohio and was the seventh of at least 9 children of Dr. James and Naomi Hitchcock Ferrell. James Ferrell was born c. 1766 in Md. and sometime prior to 1800 he married Naomi Hitchcock, born 1772 (a daughter of Thomas and Isabella Hitchcock). It appears that James and wife Naomi remained in Archer Twp., Harrison Co., Ohio most all of their lives.
On Oct. 1st, 1835 Amelia Ferrell married James Franklin Hitchcock here in Richland County. James Hitchcock, born 1812, was a son of Isaac S. Hitchcock, born 1790, and his first wife Mary Haverfield, born 1787. Mary Haverfield was a daughter of James Haverfield, born c. 1731, and Nancy Smith Haverfield, born c. 1752 both from Bedford County, Pa. Mary's older brother James Haverfield, born 1784, served in the war of 1812 with Mary's husband Isaac S. Hitchcock. Mary Haverfield Hitchcock passed away in 1840 after having 7 children. Isaac then married Keziah Magner, born 1816, and they had an additional 6 children. Isaac S. Hitchcock was a son of Thomas and Isabella Hitchcock and a younger brother of Naomi Hitchcock Ferrel.
It appears that both James Haverfield and Isaac Hitchcock were impressed by the land in the Richland County area because shortly after the end of the war of 1812 they both purchased land in Richland County and were living here in 1816.
It's not clear how Amelia Ferrel met husband James Hitchcock since James moved from Harrison Co. to Richland Co. with his family when he was 3 years old and Milly Ferrel had just been born in Harrison Co. Milly's parents seemed to have remained in Harrison Co. during all the years that Milly was growing up, but there must have been visits between the two families and the result was their marriage in Richland Co.
Amelia and James Hitchcock's family consisted of at least 10 children, all born within a 16 year period, and all grew to adulthood. Milly passed away in 1856 at age 42. The family was living here at the time of her passing and she was buried in the Freiden Cemetery. By 1859, James was living and farming in High Point Twp., Decatur Co., Iowa with all 10 of their children (Mary, James, Isaac, William, John, Horace, Naomi, Rachel, Martha and Dexter). In 1863, James married Hester Cluster Stiles, born 1833, (widow of Daniel Stiles), and they would have 4 children. James died in Decatur, Iowa in 1890.
I wish to thank Mary Hirchcock for providing the above photo and much of this family information. It is great to solve the mystery of Milly's grave marker, especially through the help of one of Milly's descendants. (James and Milly would be G. G. Grandparents of Mary Hitchcock.)
If you have information that you would like to contribute to this page, please contact us.

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