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The Isaac Marvin Family
Matthew & Elizabeth Gregory / Marvin were both born in Essex, England in the first
few years of the 1600s. They were married there in 1622 and a son Matthew Jr., was
born soon after their marriage. In 1635, Matthew & Elizabeth and their family of 6
children came to New England on the ship "The Increase". Their family continued
to grow with another 6 children being born in Hartford, Conn. One of those children,
Samuel Marvin, born in 1647 and his older brother Mathew, were among the very
early settlers of Norwalk, Conn. In about 1702, Samuel was married to Hannah Platt
in Norwalk, Conn. and became the first of many generations of Marvins residing
in this area. One of Samuel's great-grandsons would be the first of the Marvins
to settle in the area Shelby, Ohio.
Isaac Marvin III was born on Feb. 27, 1774 in Norwalk, Conn. His grandfather
Isaac, a son of Samuel, had been born there more than 60 years before.
Isaac's, father (born 1743/44) was killed on Long Island, N. Y. in 1777 in
the service of his country during the Revolutionary War.
In about 1816 or 1817, Isaac Marvin III with wife Hannah, and probably all but
their oldest 2 sons, left Norwalk, Conn. to strike out to the west. Left behind were
Stephen, born 1797 and his brother Charles who was about a year older.
In 1811, when Stephen was about 14 years of age, he had been apprenticed to
Ebenezer Scribner, to learn the trade of tanner and currier. He was probably
left behind in Norwalk, to fulfill the terms of his apprenticeship.
In 1816, Isaac and Hannah Marvin's family consisted of 14 children:
1. Charles Marvin
2. Stephen Marvin
3. Miranda Marvin
4. Sarah Sally Marvin
5. Isaac Marsh Marvin IV
6. Henry Huls Marvin
7. Eliza Marvin
8. Hiram Marvin
9. Silas Marvin
10. Abraham Marvin
11. William W. Marvin
12. Elsey Marvin
13. Ezra Marvin
14. Hannah Marvin
b: October 30, 1795
b: January 08, 1797
b: January 13, 1798
b: March 08, 1799
b: April 01, 1800
b: May 29, 1801
b: July 20, 1802
b: May 22, 1804
b: November 16, 1805
b: March 27, 1807
b: December 21, 1808
b: September 13, 1810
b: April 18, 1812
b: November 13, 1813
Isaac and family settled on property in what is now section 10 of Jackson Twp.,
Richland County, just to the east of Shelby. Isaac and Hannah would spend the
rest of their days in Jackson Twp. Isaac died in 1850 and Hannah in 1858. Their
son Silas, and his wife Judith Kemp / Marvin would continue to live
and raised their 12 children in Jackson Twp.
1. Edward Kemp Marvin
2. Rachel Marvin
3. Narcissa Marvin
4. Eliza Marvin
5. Silas Marvin
6. John Marvin
7. Stephen Tipton Marvin
8. Catherine Marvin
9. Agnes F. Marvin
10. Benjamin Franklin Marvin
11. Alonza P. Marvin
12. Frances Melvina Marvin
b: February 05, 1828
b: September 05, 1829
b: May 29, 1831
b: March 28, 1833
b: April 15, 1835
b: March 30, 1837
b: July 28, 1839
b: October 14, 1841
b: March 10, 1845
b: March 10, 1845
b: August 31, 1848
b: September 15, 1851
January 8, 1818, Stephen had fulfilled the terms of his apprenticeship and on
April 5, 1818, Stephen and Sarah Sherwood were married in Norwalk,
Conn. The new couple had made plans to follow Stephen's parents to Ohio.
They and a party of about 20 including the family of Eli Wilson, and Sarah's
mother, the recently widowed Deborah Moyer, started on their trip
shortly after the wedding.
All they owned was a wagon drawn by a single horse which carried simple tools:
chains, wedges, a broad-ax, rifle, bullet pouch and powder horn. Mrs. Moyer,
affectionately called "Aunt Debbie", and was later hired as the first school-teacher
in Shelby, in 1821 at a salary of 9 shillings per month. The first Shelby
school house stood on the NW corner of Main and Gamble Streets.
Stephen Marvin built their log cabin near the site of the "Marvin House"
which was constructed in 1832 and stands today at 57 North Gamble Street,
Shelby. All the interior woodwork and the outer siding was native black walnut.
The kitchen fireplace was so arranged that a 12 foot log could be drawn
into it from the outside.
Stephen and Sarah started their family soon after arriving in the Shelby area
and over the years they were the parents of 13 children.
1. Angeline Sherwood Marvin
2. Burr Marvin
3. Charles Wakeman Marvin
4. Daniel Sherwood Marvin
5. Edward Marvin
6. Hiram Marvin
7. Eleanor Marvin
8. John Jay Marvin
9. Isabelle Jane Marvin
10. Ellen Jeanette Marvin
11. Laura Letitia. Marvin
12. George Franklin Marvin
13. Emily Augusta Marvin
b: March 10, 1819
b: December 07, 1820
b: April 15, 1824
b: November 05, 1825
b: January 24, 1828
b: April 23, 1829
b: February 14, 1831
b: September 05, 1833
b: December 22, 1835
b: November 16, 1837
b: February 13, 1840
b: July 27, 1842
b: June 25, 1845
Stephen was able to greatly contribute to the infant community of Gamble's Mill.
He constructed the first tannery in the community, and located it on the
east side of Gamble Street between what is now Whitney and Main Streets.
He also started a shoe making business. When the Civil War began, Stephen was
too old to enlist, but four of his sons played a part in the conflict. *
Daniel and George enlisted in the Sherman Brigade. Charles was a resident of Ithaca, Michigan and enlisted as a surgeon in a Michigan Regiment. John J. enlisted in the
138th regiment, Ohio Volunteers under Col. S.S. Fisher.
Stephen Marvin died just a few years after the close of the war, in 1868. Sons George
and Daniel were both wounded during the war and suffered from these wounds for
the remainder of their lives.
At the end of his Civil War service, Daniel moved to Watertown, N. Y. and married
Caroline Sherman. He practiced law in Watertown for about 30 years before
moving back to Shelby in 1897. In 1901, Daniel purchased the home that stands
on the corner of Whitney and North Gamble and presented it to the city of
Shelby to be used forever as a library.
photo ca. 1907
Marvin Memorial Library - North Gamble & Whitney Streets
(Sign above door reads: Marvin Library Reading Room)
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* abstracted from the History of Richland County - A. A. Graham - 1880
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