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Jackson Twp., Richland Co., School District # 4
photo Fall 2000
School Location and Early Neighboring Landowners
Location: South side of Taylortown Road, East of Laser Road Intersection.
Captain Henry Bricker was born in Lebanon County, PA. in January, 1790. He lived
and married there, and in 1831 moved with his wife, former Rachel Kneesle, and five
children, all sons, to what is now Jackson Twp., Richland County, Ohio. He settled
on land in the South East 1/4 of Section 14 (where the Shelby Country Club is
located) and the North East 1/4 of Section 23. Henry Bricker died in 1855, and
Rachel died in about 1870.
(More about the Bricker Family.)
Isaac Bricker, one of Henry and Rachel's sons, was born on July 24, 1823 in Lebanon
County, PA. Lebanon County was formed out of Lancaster County in 1813. After
coming to Ohio with his parents, he spent his early years working on the family
homestead. When he reached the age of 26, he joined a number of other men and left
for the gold fields of California. After two trips to California and spending nearly six
years working at the business of gold mining, he finally returned to his family home
at about the time of his father's death. In April, 1856, Isaac married Caroline Sipe.
They had a family of 14 children.*
Both of the above maps, show Isaac Bricker living on the family homestead property
that he purchased from the his father's heirs.
The current Bricker School House was built in about 1874, and therefore was probably
the one pictured in both the above maps located on the property of Isaac Bricker.
The Bricker School was closed in the summer of 1936.
Bricker School Souvenir - 1916
(Courtesy of Dorothy Shade/Will)
In 1916, Louise Crall was teaching at the Bricker School. One of her 6th grade students
was Claire Will, son of George B. and Anna Will. Claire was to marry Dorothy Shade in
1927. Dorothy has kindly allowed the use of this school souvenir.
*Portions of these two paragraphs are abstracted from the History of Richland County, Ohio by A. A. Graham - 1880
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