- - - CLARK SCHOOL - - -
Jackson Twp., Richland Co., School District # 3
photo - Fall 2000
School Location and Early Neighboring Landowners
Location: East of Route 39, on Rock Road Extension, South of Taylortown Road.
Clark School was named for the family of Calvin Clark, born in Washinton County,
PA. on August 23, 1802. Calvin moved with his parents and five siblings to
southern Richland County, Ohio when he was about 13 years of age.
Calvin lived on the family farm until he reached the age of about 20 years. He and
one of his brothers began a brickmaking business and by the age of 27, Calvin
bought property in what was then Sharon Twp. - now Section 16, in Jackson Twp.
The property was located on either side of Route 39, just north of the intersection
with Rock Road.
Calvin married Mary Fulton on October, 1824 and they were the parents of
five daughters and two sons. Samuel Clark, Calvin and Mary's oldest son, was
born in October, 1825 and spent his early days on the family farm until he
married Polly Jane King. Samuel and Polly's farm (shown on the 1873 map - above)
was located on the west side of Rock Road, south of the intersection with Route 39.
Dorothy Mae Shade / Will, the oldest daughter of Emery Willis &
Maude Jane Peterman / Shade, attended the Clark School and has kindly
shared some of her class memorabilia and family history.
Clark School - 1919
Photo courtesy of Dorothy Shade/ Will
In the Spring of 1914, the class at Clark School held their school picnic. Families
were invited, and younger brothers and sisters were included in the picture.
(photo and class information, courtesy of Dorothy Shade /Will)
Clark School Class (and friends) - 1913-1914

Front Row (left to right):
Mary Anspach / Simon, Susan Shade, Richard Wareham, Lewis Lybarger,
Donald Arnold, Araminta Hawk, Lou Sipe, Leila Sipe, Hilda Sipe,
Martha Wareham, Dorothy Shade, Imogene Boyce.
Middle Row (left to ight):
Damon Sipe, Clifford Sipe, Thelma Anspach / Hawk, Cleo Arnold,
Blanche Lybarger, John Hawk, Herman Leicy.
Back Row (left to right):
Jennie Lybarger, Raymond Stover, John Shade, Vera Hawk, Wade Boyce,
_____ Pugh, Bernice Boyce, Floyd Teeter (Teacher), Helen Stover, Leonard Riggle,
Dexter Sipe, Frances Riggle.
(photo and class information, courtesy of Gordon Robertson)
(view enlargement)
Clark School Class - 1922-1923
Front Row (left to right):
James Ackley, Mildred Stover, Delores Morrow, Paul Robertson, Manford Crum, James Ansbaugh, Ruth Hayes,
Martha Robertson, Margaret Robertson
2nd Row (left to ight):
Irwin Cook, Mildred Crum, Lucille Laser, Lucille Stover, Dean Hess, Mildred Hayes, Carlton Burgess,
Philip Shade
2nd Row (left to ight):
Kenneth Stover, Winona Burgess, Dorothy Stover, Etta Ewalt, Addison Laser, William Burgess,
Beryl Hess, Richard Robertson
Top Row (left to ight):
Teacher - Ruby Metzger, Hilda Sipe, Russel OLeary, Marion Riggle, William Ewalt, Imogene Boyce,
George Ewalt
Clark School Class Souvenirs
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(courtesy of Dorothy Will)
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