Vintage Shelby Maps
Shelby East Side - 1884
Sanborn Mapearl
Note the Fire Engine House is in it's proper location just
east of the bridge on the south side of main Street. In the
full sanborn view, the "new" Central School (built in
1875) is shown just below the number 9 (above). Also
note there is a dwelling where the band stand
(built C.1911) is now located.
Of the many items to note, Mansfield Ave is shown as
South Broadway, the Beverstock hotel on the SW corner
of the East square is now the refurbished Shelby Hotel.
Across Main street on the NW corner was the Opera House.
The map indicates the many shops on the street level
(drug store, grocery, etc). Just to the east, there is the
railroad office located next to the siding of the then
Baltimore & Ohio railroad.
Following the railroad north, the Sash, Blind, Door,
and Lumber Mill of Francis Brucker is shown on the
west side of the tracks. This was to later become
the Shelby Lumber Co.
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