Vintage Shelby Maps
Shelby West Side (left) - 1884
Sanborn Mapearl
This map provides a much expanded view of the west side square
which was the Original Part of Shelby.
The Methodist church is in it's current location (directly above).
A drug store and grocery store are located on the southeast
corner of the square where the First National Bank is now located.
There is a photo studio on the northwest corner and a butter and
egg produce store just to the north.
A drug store and a books and jewelry store are located on
the Northeast corner in the Union Block building.
The southwest corner is the Mickey Block with a dry goods
store and a grocery as well as the Cockley & Dick building
with a hardware and a clothes store featuring hats and caps.
Of the streets listed, all are the same as in the present, except
West Mill Street which has been changed to Whitney ave.
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