Vintage Shelby Maps
Shelby West Side (right) - 1884
Sanborn Map
The Town Hall of Shelby is directly above, just west of the Black fork
bridge on the south side of Main Street. Just to the west is the
S. (Samuel) Sutter & Company Furniture Factory. Note the underground
power shaft that extends north into the printing building on the corner
of Main & Blackfork Street (now Central ave.).
On the east side of the Blackfork River, on the north side of Main
Street, is the Central Hotel. Further north along Mohican Street
is a furniture store and a saw mill.
Across from the Town Hall is the Heath Bros. City Roller Mills.
The map indicates that at the time, there were 4 stone mills and
5 sets of rolls and separators.
North down Washington Street on the east side is the U. B. Church
and further on is the casting foundry of J. S. Trimble. Trimble was
known for producing a style of plow that was highly advertised
in the local newspapers of the time.
Across West Mill Street from the foundry is the Shelby Carriage
Works. West of the foundry, between Washington and Water
Streets, is another unnamed lumber yard.
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