Vintage Shelby Maps
The earliest known map of shelby was that drawn
by county surveyor John Stewart as a part of
James Gamble's plat for the town of Shelby that
is recorded at the Richland County Courthouse.
The earliest
James Gamble's Original Plat of Shelby
June 26, 1834
The streets that are shown intersecting
in this plat became what are now
Gamble and Main Streets.
Not quite A year passed before Henry Whitney
recorded an addition to James Gamble's Shelby.
Drawn on March 21, 1835 by John Stewart.
First Addition to James Gamble's Plat of Shelby
recorded May 13, 1835
This plat of lots is located between
Main Street and Whitney Avenue
on both sides of Gamble Street.
(Directly North and adjoining Gamble's original Plat.)
It It was an additional 17 years before any
Major additions were made. This plat would
become the "East Side Square" of Shelby.
The major streets shown are Broadway,
Second, High, Depot, and the unnamed street
at the top was called North Street.
Broadway and Second remain unchanged.
High became East Main Street, Depot is
now East Whitney, and North Street
is Smiley Avenue.
Eli Wilson Robert Mickey, and Henry Leyman
Shelby Addition recorded July 17, 1852
The Plat was drawn by County surveyor
Warren Scranton on December 12, 1851.
The application was attested by D. H. Young
& Jay Smiley, both of Shelby.
(Copies of these three maps (above) can be obtained at the
Richland County Recorder's office in Mansfield, Ohio.)
Shelby in 1856
(for a larger view, click on the above image.)
When this 1856 wall map was published, the three
plats (above) were integrated into an overall
view of Shelby. They are still at this point
the major areas of development. Note that
what was previously named High Street is
here labeled Main Street.
The Sharon Township portion the 1856 Richland County wall
map shows some of Shelby's immediate surroundings.
(for a much larger view, click on the above image.)
Shelby in 1873
The 1873 Atlas Map published by A. T. Andreas of
Chicago, shows a Shelby that has grown dramatically
in the intervening 17 years since the 1856 Map.
The map denotes the location of the first plat,
labeling it "Original Town", and "Whitney's Addition"
is shown just to the north.
What was Main street in 1856 (east of Broadway)
is again High Street, and what is now West Main Street
here is labeled "East Main Street".
The latter was obviously an error, but the name
High Street was still in usage in 1873.
18 1884 Sanborn Map of Shelby East Side
(for a larger view, click on the above image.)
Since there were no known maps published in the
Richland County area that depicted Shelby during the
years between the 1873 and the 1896 atlases, it
is necessary to make use of a series of maps issued by
The Sanborn Map Company of Pelham, New York.
D. A. Sanborn's fire insurance company issued
maps dating from 1867 to the present, depicting
commercial, industrial, and residential sections
of some twelve thousand cities and towns in the
United States. By 1884 Shelby was included on
Sanborn's growing list of towns.
18 1884 Sanborn Map of Shelby West Side
(for two larger views, click on the left or right side of the above image.)
To Be
Shelby in 1896
(For an expanded view, click on an area of interest on the image above.)
(These images are large and may take awhile to load.)
By 1896 Shelby has grown in all directions. This map
appears in the County of Richland Imperial Atlas
and Art Folio, published by the Rerick Brothers
of Richmond, Indiana in 1896.
After the start of the new century, Shelby began
a period of rapid expansion that will be detailed
in the Shelby early industry section.
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