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From: The Daily Globe, Sept 4, 1901

Monday Sept.2 The Anniversary

Of The Peoples Telephone Co. Fanchise
Secured by G.M. Skiles in December 1899

Monday September 2 was thesecond anniversary of the Peoples telephone company. G.M.
Skiles secured the franchise for the company in December 1898. Active operations were
begun in in the Spring of 1899. The company was organized with G.M. Skiles president.
Edwin Mansfield secretary and treasurer. The company started to give service Sept 2, 1899
with 149 subscribers and a capacity of 260. There were no toll lines at all, predictions were
made that the new company would never successfully compete with the Central Union. The
new company was considered in the same light as Fulton's first steam boat. But they have
outlived any ridicule and as a competitor of the Central Union has an elephant on its hands.
Excellent service and low rates have placed the Peoples company where the people can
not do without their service.
At the end of the first year the list of subscribers had increased to 268 and in November of
the same year connections were made with Crestline, Galion Greenwhich and a few other points.
More toll lines were built by the U.S.telephone company and he list of outside connections in
Ohio alone now reaches 1300. The people were skeptical about the Peoples company being
able to furnish long distance service but now scores use their lines exclusively. In the Spring
of 1900 three fourths of a mile more cable was added bringing the capacity up to 850. This
was soon filled and this year over 6000 feet of cable were added giving a capacity of 475.

Farm line construction comenced this year as soon as the weather permitted and now 70
are connected up with 36 waiting the further extension of the lines. This required 35 miles
of pole line, over 1400 poles and 135 miles of wire. The company reaches every post office
in the county and when the lines of the Mansfield Peoples phone company are completed
direct connection can be had with 1200 farmers in the county. In the city of Mansfied over
1000 have subscribed and services will be given as soon as manufacturerescan get the
switchboards and other materials there.

All this progress on the part of the Peoples telephone company has been made in the face of
the fact that the Central Union has been giving service at half the rate of the Peoples telephone
company, then too Central has been giving service for over 20 years, so there must be some
merit in the service of the peoples company which is now connected with serveral states.

M.M. Hunter was the first manager and was suceeded by C.L. Howk the present manager.
Here are some figures which show what the company is doing.

September 1, 1899, 50 business customers, 99 residential, total 149.

September 1, 1900, 78 business customers, 190 residential
total 268

September 1, 1901 110 business customers, 269 residential, 160 Farmers total 485.

Contributed by Mr. Kim Butler Histed
Creslline, ohio 44827

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