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From The Daily Globe, Shelby, Ohio, Wednesday, June 14, 1922.
List of Men
Who Worked in the Tube Mill from 1890 to 1895 and still Live Here.
A short time ago the Globe was requested to secure the names of the men still living around here who were employed at the old Shelby Steel Tube works from 1890 to 1895. The fact that the names of these men were desired was printed in the Globe and the list has been coming in from day to day until the list has grown to some proportions. The list as secured until going to press today is as follows;
Charles Irey
Frank Irey
G.W. Kirkendall
John L. Seanor
Frank Seanor
Theodore Shull
Henry Hollenbaugh
Michael Fitzmaurice
James Fitzmaurice
John H. Seanor
Eber Dunlap
W.H. Vanasdale
Clarence Morton
Joe Sifferlin
Frank Mayer
Web Millard
Cloyd Gates
Wesley Ovens
Pie Oman
Harry Reinkin
Joe Kleese
Gus Mayer
Bert Rambo
Roy Pettit
Alex Hanna
W.H. Wilson
Harry Welsh
Harry Mickey
Albert Keller
John McNamara
Shorty Wright
Cal Shover
Charles May
Harry May
L.E. Coltman
William Keiser
Harry Ludwig
William Whalen
 Thomas Dillon
George V. Hackett
Vaughn Hackett
Frank Cline
William Laubie
Amiel Guinen
Dennis Herlihy
James Nimmons
Dave Smith
Sam Weaver
Freeman Brown
Harry McGinley
Pat O’Connor
W.G. Light
V.O. Karr
A. Heuberger
Frank Snyder
John Lease
Vincent Fisher

Submitted by Mr. Kim Butler Histed

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