Jottings from Shelby
in the
Crestline Advocate

Correspondence news found in the Friday April. 19 1870 Crestline Advocate.
Shelby Correspondence.
Shelby, O., April 13, 1870
Ed. Advocate, Dear Sirs -- This fine weather we are having has considerably livened up trade in our town, and started our dry goods merchants East for goods; we expect soon to see our stores filled with goods of every description. We had hoped to escape that dreadful pest
--Spring fever -- bust must say we came near having it today.
We are glad to say that Mr. Jos. Welker of whom we spoke of in our last has been heard from; he is "alive and kicking," which no doubt is a source of gratification to his many friends here.
We noticed a few days ago that the workmen have resumed work on our Town Hall, already the windows are in and the floors are now being laid. So far it makes a splendid appearance.
On the morning of the 30th, of March, Mr. Jacob Brubaker, another one of the old Pioneers of Richland Co. died, aged about 81 years. He cut down the first tree upon what now is called the Public Square in the city of Mansfield and subsequently removed to Sharon township, clearing one of the best farms in the township.
The protracted meeting at the U.B. Church closed on last Sabbath, the result being 35 conversions and 32 accessions to the church. On last Sabbath 8 persons were baptized, 3 by sprinkling , 3 by pouring and 3 by immersion, and in the evening the Lord’s supper was administered.
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Submitted by Mr. Kim Butler Histed.

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