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From: Crestline Advocate December 19, 1901
Followed the Wedding of this Shelby Couple.
Shelby Globe Dec 17, 1901
Cecelia Bissell was granted a divorce Saturday from William Bissell. The pair, it will be remembered were married on the bridge here that collapsed while the ceremony was being performed on July 4, 1898.
Mrs. Bissell charged her husband with cruelty, habitual drunkenness and failure to provide. He lives in Cleveland at present. Mrs. Bissell resides in East Crestline. R.B. McCroy was attorney for the plaintiff. The divorce was granted by Judge Wolfe.
There were many people in Shelby who predicted a bad ending to the above marriage when it was made. They contended that the falling of the bridge was only the beginning of the disaster that would follow the couple
for being parties to a public marriage

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by Mr. Kim Butler Histed.

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