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Crestline Advocate: July 22, 1909

Samuel H. Tucker

Dies in Shelby Tuesday Night

Samuel H. Tucker, of Shelby died at his home on South Gamble street Tuesday evening at 6 o'clock. He was taken ill on Wednesday of last week, suffering several strokes. He was 63 years of age and has resided in Shelby for 10 years previous to which he resided at Vernon Junction where he conducted a drain tile factory for over 20 years.
Funeral will be held Friday at 11 o'clock from his late home

Contributed 10-11-2005
by Mr. Kim Butler Histed.
Crestline Advocate: July 22, 1909
Vernon Station Burns
Structure Entirely Destroyed Tuesday Evening-Much Loss
At about ten o’clock Tuesday night Operator Berkshire working at the combined Big Four and Pennsylvania station at Vernon Junction discovered the building in flames.
He made strenuous endeavors to fight the blaze, but it gained too much headway, apparently having smoldered some time underneath the floor of the freight room unnoticed by the operator, who was working at the opposite end of the building.
The dry and seasoned building proved good tinder and in a short time nothing but
a pile of debris, and bent and twisted interlocking levers and appliances marked the spot.
Quite a quantity of freight, several baggage trucks, valuable records and tickets were destroyed.
It is also reported that 40 dollars in currency left in the ticket case by the agent is missing.
The interlocking system was put on commission also the telegraph wires and trains had to be operated by hand signals delaying traffic some what.
The loss will amount to quite a few hundred dollars.

Contributed 10-11-2005
by Mr. Kim Butler Histed.

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