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Correspondence news found in the Friday May 15, 1880 Crestline Advocate.
Shelby Jottings.
Events and happenings in and around Shelby
Shelby, May 10, 1880
Our Town Hall is being ornamented by a slate roof and steps are being taken by the I.O.O.F. Order to fresco their Lodge Room, which is situated on the third floor of the Town Hall.
The Editor of the Shelby "Times" is disconsolate because he did not get a bite. Hear what he says after spending a whole day in fruitless labor: "There may be just as good fish in the Blackfork as ever was caught, but this is mighty poor consolation for the man who doesn’t get a bite in half a day." Our advice is to "cast in the hook on the other side of the ship"
J.F, Saiger, the Prince of Landlords, is now running the Junction Hotel at the depot, and this community is rejoiced at the departure of one West who formerly occupied the quarters. In spite of the orders from the railroad company he still kept a "hole in the wall".
We noticed on Saturday last the form of Major Scott on our streets. Since lecturing here on the subject of temperance he has labored in the cause in Champaign, Logan and Clark counties. He spoke in Springfield twenty-nine nights.
The fruit crop is uninjured in this locality, the croakers and prophets to the contrary not withstanding . Wheat never bid fairer than now to give us a bountiful harvest. Farmers are planting corn, and everything has an animated and lively appearance.
The average housewife is done cleaning house and the usual quiet is restored because things are in order, and so we all breath easier. What is home without an annual tear up anyhow.
There was a lively set-to some time ago by a man and woman on Second street. Revolvers and rocks were brandished by the brave Scott, which caused our Mayor to think was sufficient to have the gentleman furnish bail-all on account of a breachy cow.
Larry Lynch occupied the cooler Saturday night because he imbibed too freely of the "oh-be-joyful".
The Cummins brothers., D and Capt. A.C. are off on a visit to their father who is quite ill at, Tuscola, Ill.
Our City Dads "did the handsome" by paying the expense of the delegates who attended the Firemen’s Association at Urbana. We are proud of our Chief, Col. Dempsey, who suggested the matter to the Council; and proud of the Council for carrying out the suggestion.
The Graduating Class will give their Class-day exercises in the afternoon of June 4th, the rhetoric will consist of a poem originated by the poetess, Miss Lena Palmer, and a prophecy by the prophetess, Miss Mattie Ferrington, and a history relating the past events of the Class historian, Elmer E. Billow, and other miscellaneous Class exercises. The graduates will no doubt perform their parts gracefully if not elegantly. All are invited.
Later---Mr. Wm Cummins, father of David, of Shelby, and Capt. A.C. of Mansfield; died at his home at Tuscola, Ill. Saturday night. His remains were brought on the early train this Tuesday morning, and this afternoon at 3 o’clock were interred in the Oakland cemetery by the I.O.O.F., of which he had been an honored member for many years. While a resident of Shelby some years since, he was a member of Sharon Lodge, No. 159.
---------------- Darius ---------------
Submitted by Mr. Kim Butler Histed
Correspondence news found in the Friday May 21, 1880 Crestline Advocate.
Shelby Jottings.
New School Board-Birthday Party-Accident-Improvements and Business-The coming celebration.
Shelby, May 18, 1880.
At a meeting of our new School Board last Friday evening, A. J. Mack was elected President, and A. N. Ballard Clerk. After the organization of the Board the following committees were appointed. Finance: W.A. Shaw, Chairman; T.H. Wiggins, H.E.Kingsborough. Building and Repairs: H.E. Kingsbourough, Chairman; W.A. Shaw, A.J. Mack. Course of Study and Text Books: A.N. Ballard, Chairman; D. Summers, T.H. Wiggins. Teachers and Salaries--A.J. Mack, Chairman; D.Summers, A.N. Ballard.
On Tuesday evening of last week the many friends of Elmer E. Billow gave him and agreeable surprise at his father’s residence, on Second street, the occasion being the anniversary of his 18th birthday.
One evening last week Jack Wilerton attempted to walk across the dam at the Junction, when he slipped and fell, breaking several of his ribs.
Adam Knapp, on Main street, is putting together another story on his place of business. We learn that his intention is to start a "Deutsch Wirtschaft."
J.J. Soltzen . the tonsorial artist, has returned from his visit to New York, looking hale and hearty.
No Better indication is needed to prove the prosperity of Shelby than the crowded state of the streets last Saturday. All the stores were well filled with anxious customers as in days of yore.
Rev. D. I. Foust preached last Sabbath morning in the Lutheran Church on the parable of the ten virgins.
Wheat was bought here today for $1.17 and oats 34 cents.
Active steps are being taken to make the coming centennial celebration of the establishment of Sabbath Schools on the 3rd of July a grand affair. The programme will be forthcoming in ample time.
Henry Wentz, Jr., has broken ground preparatory to erecting a new dwelling on Broadway. ----------- Darius ------------------
Submitted by Mr. Kim Butler Histed.
Correspondence news found in the Friday June 4, 1880 Crestline Advocate.
Shelby Jottings
Short and Sweet
Shelby, May 31, 1880
A pleasant surprise was given to Dr. Nelson , of the Methodist church, a few evenings since.
Jas. Cline who attempted suicide on the 21st ult. by shooting himself in the stomach is slowly recovering. Various reasons are being assigned for the rash act, one being that his lady love "went back on him." Drs. Bricker and Huss are attending him.
The Baccalaureate sermon to the Graduating Class will be delivered in Assembly Hall, in the central school building next Sunday evening, by Rev. D.I. Foust.
John Doty, residing about one mile north of town, is lying seriously ill, but with little hope of his recovery.
The Shelby Coronet Band discoursed music at the Ashland decoration on the 29th ult:
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Submitted by Mr. Kim Butler Histed.
Correspondence news found in the Friday July 9, 1880 Crestline Advocate.
Shelby Jottings.
Visitors-Election-The Crops-A Bad Woman-Religious-etc.
Quite a number of our citizens attended the tournament in Galion on the 3rd inst.
Miss Manda Knisely and her brother Riblet, formerly of this place but now Cleveland, are visiting relatives in Shelby.
Garrett Billow of Springfield, Ohio is visiting with his cousin Elmer E. Billow on Second street.
The Officers elected for the ensuing term in the I.O.O.F. Lodge are, Fred Smith, N.G.; Wm. Fogelson, V.G: H. Shriner, Sec’y. Installation will take place next Saturday evening at the regular meeting.
Rev. Snyder, of the Davenport (Iowa) Lutheran Mission , preached in the Lutheran church very acceptably on Sabbath morning. He is in this Vicinity in interest of the above mission field.
Several weeks since Eva, wife of H. Green, of this place, forsook her husband and child. She left the child with an aunt east of town, and wrote a letter to her husband to the effect that he need not look for her as she never intended to return. after spending her absence in debauch, as is supposed, returned a few days ago and joined her husband, and the two are happy once more to be united. Comment is unnecessary.
Miss Ida Berg is visiting friends in Mt. Vernon.
Wheat is about harvested here, and to all appearance has never been excelled. Grass is light, consequently the hay yield will be short.
Perry Nichols purchased the Beverstock House of John Ward and commenced business.
----------- Darius ------------------
Submitted by Mr. Kim Butler Histed

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