- - - Some of Shelby's Merchants in 1862 - - -

By the time of the American Civil War, Shelby had been a developing
village for over 30 years. Many merchant's shops and stands had
been established during this period. The local newspapers of the time
make it possible for us to list just a few of these early businesses
and the owners and shopkeepers who ran them.

The following was taken from some of the early issues of the
Shelby Express Newspaper during the Spring and Summer of 1862.
The Shelby Express was published by C. M. Kenton and began
with the April 22, 1862 issue.

Shelby Express Newspaper
Published every Tuesday Morning
C. M. Kenton - publisher
High Street - opposite Wilson's Hall
(Where was High Street?)
Book & Job Printing
S. S. Bloom
North Gamble St.
Saiger's Hotel
(formerly Leyman)
J. F. Saiger - Prop.
Corner of High & Broadway
Mickey House
A. Davis - Prop.
Corner of High & Gamble
(free bus to and from Depot)
Watches, Clocks, & Musical Instruments
(Successor to M. Burt)
C. L. Barlow - Prop.
Gamble St.
Clocks & Watches - Jewelry Store
J. D. Studybaker _ Prop.
On Broadway
Home, Sign, & Ornamental Painting
S. H. Myers
Barber & Hairdresser
E. Stevenson
High St. (1st door below Wilson's Store)
Coltman's Hall
Oyster & Ice Cream Saloon
Samuel Coltman - Prop.
High St.
Capable of sitting six hundred persons
and upwards
Mrs. M. Madden
Daggereotype & Ambrotype Artist
High St.
Harness Maker & Saddler
R. T. Young
High St.
Homeopathic Physician & Surgeon
Dr. C. W. Krsll
Spealman's Block
Corner of High & Broadway
Saddle & Harness Makers
Hood & Swartz
1 door North of Mickey House on Gamble St.
Veterinary Surgeon
A. C. Culbertson
Shelby Meat Market
Bruce & Anderson
High St. (in basement of Odd Fellows Block)
Millinery & Dress Making
Mrs. S. A. Johnson
Spealman's Block (over Haizlet's Store)
Dry Goods & Groceries
Samuel Haizlet - Prop.
Spealman Block
Boot & Shoemaking
Jacob Hollabaugh
Odd Fellows Block
John Dempsey
High St.
Dry Goods
Lupter, Billow, & Co.
W. Lupter, G. W. Billow, & D. Billow
Tin & Copperware
Stoves & Kettles
Breckbill & Bro.
Dry Goods
H. R. Lybarger - Prop.
High & Broadway
Boots & Shoemaking
C. Cutler
High St. 
Saddle & Harness Maker
Jonthan May
Hides & Skins - Tannery
F.A Ott & Bro.
West end of Shelby
Dry Goods
Wm. Cummins & Anderson
High & Gamble
Boots & Shoes
John Engler - Prop.
John Horner - Clerk
Gamble St. (one door North of Mickey House)
Grocery Store
A. J. Bushey
People's Drug Store
Wiggins & Kerr
Merchant Tailor
D. Rabold & Co.
Shelby Stone & Tinware
Charles Wilson
High St.
Boot & Shoes
J. Smith
High St. (one door East of Dempsey's Grocery)
Millinery Goods
Mrs. M. Madden
Miss Palmer - seamstress
(Below the picture studio)
Cabinet Furniture
Bureus, Bedsteads, Stands, & Coffins
Samuel Sutter
High St. (near the bridge) 
New Drug Store
Drugs & Patent Medicine
W. Glower
Hardware & Stoves
Breckenridge & Robertson
One door south of Wiggins & Kerr Drug Store
Builder & Manufacturer
Mahlon Dickinson
Corner of Mill & Gamble
Blacksmith - Horseshoeing
H. B. Matton - George Bacon
East Main St.
Fresh Meat
Dan Hawn
Near the Blackfork Bridge
Real Estate & Insurance Agents
Notaries & Justice of the Peace
J. S. Trimble & John H. Cox
C. C, & C Railroad
(Cleveland, Columbus, & Cincinnati)
North / South
E. S. Close - Agent - Shelby
P. Ft.W & C Railroad
(Pittsburg, Ft. Wayne, & Chicago)
David Zink - Agent - Crestline
S. M. & N Railroad
(Sandusky, Mansfield, & Newark)
J. H. Cox - Agent - Shelby


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