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The Lozier-Yost Steel Tube Company

"An era of prosperity and progress seems to be dawning to our erst-while rather quiet little city.
While we have increased somewhat in population, the last census showed the increase to be
distressingly small. In looking over the situation the cause of our town's inactivity was
plainly apparent. There was a lack of manufacturies which alone can furnish employment to
the great army of young men that annually leave their native towns to cast their fortunes with
larger places where employment can be found. A number of our citizens determined to attempt to
remedy this state of affairs, so far as our city was concerned. Realizing that Shelby possessed
natural advantages, together with almost unexcelled railroad facilities, they decided to push her
claims and attempt to obtain recognition from factories seeking a location. Their success has been
almost phenominal, for although the time has been very short since the initiative step toward
securing industries was taken, Shelby has secured the location of two large manufacturing establishments
and no efforts are spared to increase the number.
The two factories so far secured are The Lozier-Yost Seamless Steel Tube Co., which have been
incorporated with a large capital stock. The Company will manufacture the hollow tubing used
in bicycles and enjoys the distinction of being the only plant of its kind in America. This plant
will be located south of the Shelby Mill Co.,, along the C.C.C.& St. L. R.R., where the company
have secured seven acres of land."
Shelby Times - January 24, 1891
Within a year or so, The Lozier-Yost Steel Tube Company, in agreement with another
Shelby start-up company (The Shelby Cycle Manufacturing Company), became
The Shelby Steel Tube Company (Shelby Steel Tube Works).

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