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The Standard Manufacturing Company

New Manufacturing Industry For Shelby
Standard Manufacturing Company is a Winner.
"No town in the state is prouder of its splendid manufacturing enterprises than Shelby and it should be a matter of personal pride to everyone in the town that all inducements consistent with safe business methods are offered to those who desire to embark in business in one of the best towns of its size in the state.
Another thing that is a source of much satisfaction is the splendid reputation of the business ventures of the city and the intelligent manner in which they are handled. To the already active manufacturing life of the town a new business was recently added that promises to be a credit to the enterprise and snap of the town. The Standard Manufacturing Company that recently began to manufacture washing machines has most flattering propect for a large trade in the very useful article that it is making.
On the 14th day of April, 1903, a patent was granted to Mr. T. E. Barrow, of Mansfield, on a rotary washing machine and later Mr. Barrow conceived the idea of a tubular frame for the same that with an adjustable wringer-board attachment, and thereupon made an application for a patent on the same. The application was granted and patent allowed on December 30, 1903, and on the 28th day of June, 1904, the patent was issued and is no doubt the very latest in its line.
The citizens of Shelby are to be congratulated in securing this new enterprise, and if the expectations of the parties interested are realized, in the very near future, the Standard Company will be employing a large force of laboring men and turning out ten thousand machines per month.
The gentlemen interested are Mr. Francis Brucker of the Brucker Lumber Comapny, Mr. John Bushey and Mr. A. L. Stump, and if good business methods, push and energy have anything to do with business success, then the prospects are bright for the Standard Manufacturing Company." *
* The Shelby News - July 22, 1904

Standard Engaged in Various Lines of Manufacture
"The key man in the early history was Francis Brucker, who had engaged in the lumber business after his arrival here in 1875 at the site of the present Shelby Lumber Company ( East Whitney Ave., next to the B&O R.R. - now the Ashland R.R.). He became interested in the manufacture of hinges and was associated with the Shelby Spring Hinge Company and served as first president until he resigned and left that organization. In 1904, with A. L. Stump and others, he started the Standard Manufacturing Company in the Old 'Red Onion' building across Whitney Avenue from the lumber company that had been occupied until 1904 by the Shelby Spring Hinge.
Standard first manufactured washing machines and in 1908 was making three lines, the Leader, the Winner, and the New Shelby. Associated early in the industry were W. C. Gump, and Dr. M. T. Love. The company turned to the manufacture of hinges and builder's hardware after a few years and in February of 1910 the firm was granted a patent on a spring hinge. Lloyd Ritchey, of Williams Court, who joined the Standard in 1914 recalls he saw some of the tubs used formerly in the manufature of washing machines still around the plant.

The company erected a new plant on Franklin Avenue and moved into it in 1914. That structure is part of the present Carton Service, Inc. factory. By 1914 one finds that Henry Wentz had become president; J. A. Bushey, vice-president; W. R. Kerr, secretary, treasurer and genreral manager, and W. F. Guenin, assistant treasurer. T. J. Green, Lewis Brucker, D. M. Doty, H. K. Beck, M. T. Love and George Coble were other directors. A checking double-acting spring floor hinge was a major manufacture. Will Bushey was superintendent.
By 1918 the Standard had ceased to exist and in its place in January of that year had risen the Shelby Tractor and Truck Company. In 1920 the new company sold the patents and much of the machinery involved in the business to the new Shelby Metal Products Company and that organization made a success of the hinge and builder's hardware manufacture. " *
* The Daily Globe April 24, 1950

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