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The George Adam Frank Family
George Adam Frank was born in Baden, Germany on March 8, 1798. His future
wife, Barbara Weidner was born in Baden on March 8, 1802. Adam and Barbara
were married in Germany when Barbara was about 20 years of age. Their only
son, George was born in Germany June 30, 1824. Two daughters followed,
Elizabeth in about 1826, and Anna on September 15, 1833.
On April 30, 1838, George Adam Frank was issued a passport from
Grossherzogthum, Baden (good for only 1 year), and Adam and his family
immigrated from Darmstadt,Baden, Germany to the United States.
Adam was then described as: 39 years of age, oval face, brown hair,
brown beard, brown eyes, large build, teeth in bad shape, and married.
The 1840 Ohio census shows Adam Frank living in Sharon Twp., Richland
County, close to Joseph Medsker (Metzger) and George West, with 3 females
and 2 males living in the household. The age groups confirm: Anna (5-10),
Elizabeth (10-15),Barbara (30-40), George (15-20), and Adam (40-50).
Soon after arriving and choosing the location of Sharon Twp., Adam purchased
50 acres of land (southern part of N.W. quadrant of section 30) from Thomas Pope
for the sum of 1 dollar. Adam constructed a log cabin for his family on the
property. The property lies on the N. W. corner of Hummel and Settlement
East Roads in southern Sharon Twp.

Adam Frank Family Log Cabin
More than 150 years after its' construction, and after providing shelter for many
generations of his descendants, Adam's log cabin was "uncovered" and restored by
one of those descendants. In 1991, after purchasing the property in 1988, Clint
and Audrey (Weaver) Dotson began their restoration of Adam's original log cabin.
photo 1991
House as it appeared when purchased in 1988.

photo 1991
Adam Frank Log Cabin Restoration
(Clint Dotson and grandsons, Jake and Ben Dotson)

photo 1991
Adam Frank Log Cabin Restored
The Dotson Family celebrated their 1991 Thanksgiving Holiday in the just
finished Adam Frank Cabin. 1

In November of 1840, Adam Frank filed his papers and declared his intent to
become a citizen of the United States. In 1842, a third daughter, Barbara,
was born, to be followed about 2 years later by a fourth daughter, Mary.
February 09, 1846 brought about the marriage of Adam and Barbara's oldest
daughter Elizabeth, to Jacob Beikel / Beckel in Shelby, Ohio. Jacob was a
shoemaker in Shelby.
In April of 1846, Adam Frank appeared in the Richland Co. Common Pleas court,
along with two witnesses to swear to his 5 years of residency in the United
States and his high moral character and obtained his citizenship papers.
1850 Ohio Census, Richland County, Sharon Twp.
Adam Frank 54, farmer (Germany), Barbara Frank 49, (Germany), George 26,
(Germany), Ann 16, (Germany), Barbara 9 (Ohio), Mary 6 (Ohio),
Catherine ? ? ? 2, (Ohio). (The last person does not appear in the 1860
census and is assumed to have died in the interim or to have been a
temporary addition to the household.)
Jacob Bickel 30, shoemaker (Germany), Elizabeth Beakle 21 (Germany),
Mary 3 (Ohio), Cristina 1 (Ohio)
On May 06, 1852, Adam's son George 28, married Anna (Solwarder?) Swander
born August 03, 1832 in Switzerland. George and Anna started their lives
together in Sharon Twp., where their first two children (Helen and George
William) were born. Sometime before the birth of their third child (John)
in 1857, George and Anna moved to Allegany County, Michigan.
Another son, Charles was born in Michigan in 1859.
Anna Frank, the second daughter of Adam and Barbara, married Adam Stephan
who was born May 03, 1833, on December 26, 1859 in Shelby, Ohio.
George Adam Frank died in Sharon Twp. Richland County, Ohio on March 18,
1861. He was laid to rest in the German Reformed Church Cemetery. The
church burned long ago and it is now known as the (Nazor - Schwartz)
Cemetery. It is located on the S. E. corner of Hummel and Settlement East
roads, diagonally across this intersection from Adam Frank's original
property and the log cabin he had lived in for 23 years.
On September 19, 1861, Barbara, the third daughter of Adam and Babara Frank
married Adam Huber (born about 1840) in Shelby, Ohio. The new couple would
lose their first child (born June 18, 1862) on July 26, 1862. The infant is buried
at the Nazor - Schwartz Cemetery.
photo 2000
View from Adam & Barbara's Gravestone
(overlooking their farm and log cabin in the distance)
At the time of her death, Barbara's children were living in the following locations:
1. George and Eliza Frank were living across the road from the original Frank Home.
2. Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Beckel, had died.
3. Adam and Anna Frank Stephan, were living in Crestline, Ohio.
4. Adam and Barbara Frank Huber were living in Crestline, Ohio.
5. Henry and Mary Frank Wirtz were living down the road to the west of George Frank.
(to be continued)
photo 2000
164 years after he constructed it, the Adam Frank Log Cabin is still a symbol
of "home" for many of his descendants. In the summer of 2001, over 140
members of his "family" congregated here for the most recent Frank reunion.
2001 Frank Reunion
1 The idea for this photo sequence was provided by Maxine Thomas who previously used the same photos (provided by Clint and Audrey Weaver / Dotson) to illustrate the same event.
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