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Part VI

The 1904 Shelby Football Season
The Shelby community began thinking about their football team and the up-coming season before baseball season was completed. Shelby's big left tackle Bill Harris retired from football prior to the start of the season and that left a huge hole to fill in the line. Branch Rickey would only be playing a few games for Shelby, as most of his time would be spent coaching the Ohio Wesleyan University team; and there were also adjustments to be made as the result of rule changes, however the future looked bright for football in Shelby. Charles Follis was again on board and would be playing at his famed right half back position and there were a number of new players providing the team with more depth at many positions. Filling in for Bill Harris at left tackle was Jones, Bert Sutter, Ira Stock and Moore and the rest of the line-up was: Yoder and Don Tucker at right tackle; Harry McCool and Fred Tucker at center; Elder, McCool, Scott, and Fred Tucker at left guard; Joe Cox right guard; Jones, Sutter, Stock and Bill Cook at left end; Smith Weiser at right end; Smith Weiser and Gus Mayer at quarterback; Dave Bushey and Bert Sutter at left halfback; Walters, Charles Follis and Stock at right halfback; and Col. Mayer and Stock at fullback. (Many players played at multiple positions.) Bert Sutter was elected team captain and Frank C. Schiffer was again manager for the 1904 season.
1904 Shelby Athletic Club Team

Front row (l-r): Col. Mayer, Ira Stock, unknown, unknown
Second row: Don Tucker, Bill Cook, Dave Bushey, unknown, Gus Mayer
Back row: Charles Follis, Frank Schiffer, Joe Cox, Fred Tucker, unknown, unknown, Jones, Claud Simon, Campbell, Bert Sutter
 1904 Shelby Athletic Club Football Schedule
Shelby Athletic Club    Marion A. C.  
Shelby Athletic Club     Brooklyn A. C.  
Shelby Athletic Club     Akron Imperials  
Shelby Athletic Club     Lorain A. C.  
Shelby Athletic Club     Deaf Mutes  
Shelby Athletic Club     Akron East End A. C.  
Shelby Athletic Club     Massilion Tigers  
Shelby Athletic Club     Lorain A. C.  
Shelby Athletic Club     Franklin A. C.  
Shelby Athletic Club     Columbus A. C.  
Shelby Athletic Club - 29, Marion Athletic Club - 0
Shelby Daily Globe - September 26, 1904

The Shelby football season began in a "sea of mud" that obliterated colors and markings on uniforms such that it was difficult for fans as well as players to distinguish one team from another. The first score of the game was a 3 yard run by Col. Mayer and it was followed by a touchdown by Ira Stock and several minutes later Smith Weiser made the score 17 to 0. Charles Follis then made the scoring run of the night by going 83 yards to bring the total to 23 - 0. The final score of the game came 8 minutes into the second half when Moore scored the final touchdown for a score of 29 to 0. Coach Bert Sutter kicked 4 out of 5 goal attempts in that "sea of mud".

1904 Shelby High School Football
Shelby High School - 5, Galion High School - 0
Shelby Daily Globe - September 26, 1904

The Shelby High School girls started the 1904 football season by scheduling their second annual bake sale fund raiser. There was no mention whether the successful kissing booth of the previous year was continued, but the event brought in a good deal of money for the purchase of football equipment. Only four high school alumni were present for a match-up game with the 1904 Shelby High School team and "extras" were selected from the crowd in attendance. The alumni held their own and the game finished in a 0 to 0 tie. The Shelby High School football team began their official season beating visiting Galion High School 5 to 0. The teams were well matched but Galion fumbled the ball and turned it over on several occasions. Shelby's Howard Brightman was able to score the solitary touchdown of the game.
The Shelby High School football team 1904 line-up was: Ralph Truesh at center, Cletus Briner and Dale Clark at left tackle, Burton Brickley at right tackle, Gail Hiles and Joe Guinen at left guard, Charles Huber at right tackle, Guy Cramer at left end, Wilbur Hunter at right end, Henry Lowe at quarterback, Howard Brightman at left halfback, Carl Sutter at right halfback, and Lawrence Wilhide at fullback. Carl Sutter was chosen team captain.
 1904 Shelby High School Football Schedule
 Shelby High School     Shelby Alumni  
 Shelby High School     Galion High School  
 Shelby High School     Bellville High School  
 Shelby High School     Attica High School  
 Shelby High School     Fostoria Scrubs  
 Shelby High School     Shelby Scrubs  

Shelby Athletic Club - 53, Brooklyn Athletic Club - 0
Shelby Daily Globe - October 3, 1904

The first touchdown of this blow-out was made by Charles Follis in the first 3 minutes of play. Don Tucker, Bert Sutter, Smith Weiser, and Moore were stand-out players as well. The Cleveland South Brooklyn team was outplayed in every instance as the 53 to 0 score would indicate. Touchdowns were scored by: Stock (2), Follis (2), Col. Mayer, Moore, Don Tucker, Bushey, and Sutter. Coach Sutter also scored a safety.
Shelby Athletic Club - 48, Akron Imperials - 0
Shelby Daily Globe - October 10, 1904

The Shelby fans were surprised when early in the game the Akron Imperials were able to hold Shelby (on their home field) for three successive downs. The Imperials' strength did not hold for long as Shelby began to score pretty much at will over the out-classed visitors. This is the only game in which the Globe news article records that Bill Cook played at the left end position for Shelby.
The Shelby stand-outs in this game were: Bert Sutter, Charles Follis, and Dave Bushey. Touchdowns were scored by: Dave Bushey (2), Gus Mayer, Col. Mayer (2), Moore, Don Tucker, and Charles Follis (2).
Shelby Athletic Club - 27, Lorain Athletic Club - 0
Shelby Daily Globe - October 17, 1904

The Shelby football fans who did not travel to Lorain for the football game received notice of their teams' victory well before the team returned home and were there to greet them! From the noise of the horns that were being sounded in the streets of Shelby it was obvious that the hometown fans were jubilant over the 27 to 0 victory over Lorain A. C. The junior band and enthusiastic fans were on hand to lead the victorious players from the B & O train station to Frank Schiffer's Brunswick Pool Hall where they found some refuge from all the noisy celebration.
Shelby Daily Globe - October 17, 1904

With regard to this Shelby - Lorain game, the Globe article and Fred Eichinger states, "Col. Mayer, Dave Bushey and Bert Sutter played the game of their lives." The Globe continues, "The Lorain field was not enclosed by a wire and the fans ran wild around the players like so many cattle."
The game was well played by Shelby and despite all the distractions, held the Lorain offense and were able to score 27 points against the most difficult opponent they've faced this season. It took Shelby 11 minutes before Dave Bushey scored the first touchdown and was the only score of the first half. Other touchdowns in the second half were scored by: Col. Mayer, Don Tucker, Ira Stock, and another by Dave Bushey.
Shelby Athletic Club - 29, Deaf Mutes - 0
Shelby Daily Globe - October 24, 1904

Shelby manager Frank Schiffer, after trying to schedule a game with the Columbus Mutes team for several seasons, succeeded this year and the game was played on October 22, at Shelby's athletic field. The Columbus team called their signals with hand signals which was a new concept to most of the Shelby fans. The Columbus team proved to be good opponents and challenged Shelby on several occasions.
The first touchdown was scored after the first 4 minutes by Col. Mayer and later in the first half he scored again. Second half scoring was done by: Bert Sutter, Ira Stock, and another by Col. Mayer.

Shelby High School - 0, Fostoria High School - 10
Shelby Daily Globe - October 24, 1904

After winning their games against Galion, Bellville (6 - 0 ), and Attica (9 - 0), the Shelby team encountered a real challenge when they traveled to Fostoria. The Fostoria team was state champion last year and thought the Shelby team, being in a rebuilding year, wouldn't provide much of a contest. They had all they wanted in this growing young team from Shelby. The game required more than a first half effort by the state champs. No substitutions from the second squad for Fostoria, they played the first string the whole game and were relieved to see a final score of 10 - 0. The Shelby High School squad had much to be proud of after holding their own very well against a highly rated opponent.
The Shelby team would go on to win their final game (against the Shelby Scrubs) 5 to 0, finishing their season losing only this game to Fostoria.

Shelby Athletic Club - 0, Akron East End Athletic Club - 0
Shelby Daily Globe - October 31, 1904

The Akron East End A. C. came into this game undefeated for the year and assumed once they beat the undefeated Shelby team, they would be in line for the state championship. Shelby remembered the defeat they had suffered in 1902 and were in good health and prepared for the game. This was to be Shelby's first big challenge of the year and they were ready.
The game overview was that neither team was able to gain much advantage in the first half and if the second half would have lasted a bit longer, the Shelby team would have prevailed as they were slowly draining the energy from the Akron team.
The first half was mostly a punting game, with neither team able to sustain an advance. Although the second half consisted of many punts, Shelby was beginning to move the ball on Akron. Shelby succumbed to several fumbles, turning the ball over and ending their advancement.
The scoreless game ended with no injuries for Shelby, with the team still in good heath, and ready for the next weeks' game with the now probable championship contender, the Massillon Tigers.
Shelby Daily Globe - November 2, 1904

The article is self-explanatory. It is a war of words between the Akron Press and the local Shelby paper. Sort of a Monday morning quarterbacking of the close game between the two teams who have had little respect for each other in years past.
Shelby Athletic Club vs. Massilon Tigers
Shelby Daily Globe - November 5, 1904

The Shelby football fans left for Massillon to witness their teams' most difficult opponent of this season and to cheer on their hometown team. A. J. Newcomb of Cleveland, who was Shelby's coach last year, was chosen to referee the Massillon game. He indicated that he had been accused of not refereeing a fair game last week when Shelby met Akron, however he stated that he was perfectly "square" in his calls as he would also be in the up-coming game with Massillon. There was estimated to be a crowd of over 600 from Shelby at the game and a special train was run to Massillon for the Shelby fans.
Shelby Athletic Club - 0, Massilon Tigers - 28
Shelby Daily Globe - November 8, 1904

It was a crestfallen crowd on the train to Shelby from Massillon after Saturday's game. The Shelby team lost by a score of 28 to 0 at the hands of an overpowering Massillon team. The Globe states: "The Massillon team that defeated them is one of the best in the great state of Ohio and the local team is to be congratulated for the good game that they put up. The members of the team and the delegation which accompanied them received excellent treatment at the hands of the Massillon people and there is not one who does not speak of Massillon in a very favorable light."
A crowd of 3100 witnessed the greatest game ever played in Stark County. The Shelby defense was unable to stop the constant "line bucking" advances made by the Massillon team. It was steady attack that Shelby could not stop and injuries were many on the Shelby squad. Shelby's state championship hopes were lost with the defeat by Massillon.
The Daily Globe indicated that the Massillon team had employed "half a dozen 'ringers'" on their team in the Saturday game, while admitting that Shelby employed two "ringers" of their own. The gate receipts that Shelby's team received from the game totaled about $400 and the cost of the two "ringers" was nearly $300 leaving very little to put in their team account.
Maybe it was at this point that the future of the game of football, as it had been known, was changing in a way that would make it very difficult for a team organized in a small community with a very limited budget, to compete with large communities with much larger funding. Homegrown talent was becoming less important in a world where players could be "bought."
Shelby Athletic Club - 32, Lorain Athletic Club - 0
Shelby Daily Globe - November 14, 1904

Shelby wins big over Lorain A. C. Abbott, the left guard for the Lorain team, had his leg broken in a dramatic pile-up that could be heard from the side-lines. The Sutter company ambulance carried Abbott to the Elston Hotel where he was cared for. The visitors lost their desire for winning the game and the second half was limited to 10 minutes.
The first touchdown required almost 8 minutes with Harvey Yoder "bucking" the line for the final 3 yards. The rest of the scoring was as follows: Bert Sutter scored on a 60 yard run, and Don Tucker scored two more touchdowns in the first half. Dave Bushey and Jones each scored a touchdown before the 10 minute second half ended.
The following week, the Shelby football players raised funds for the injured Lorain football player. The Shelby team as well as Shelby fans contributed a considerable sum to be sent to the Abbott family to help during his period of recovery.
Shelby Athletic Club - 64, Franklin Athletic Club - 0
Shelby Daily Globe - November 21, 1904

This game was a total blow-out! 35 points were scored in the first half and the game was ended 12 1/2 minutes into the second half because of darkness or the final score would have been much higher. It was strange that a team who had scored on Massillon and only lost to Akron by a small margin would be so overwhelmed.
The first score of the game was made by Col. Mayer and on the next kick to Shelby, coach Bert Sutter returned the ball the length of the field. Jones scored next, to be followed by a TD by Follis. Harvey Yoder then scored and Col. Mayer had his second touchdown before the end of the first half.
The abbreviated second half found Don Tucker scoring his first TD of the game. Bert Sutter scored his second touchdown followed by another score by Yoder and another by Sutter. Don Tucker made the last score of the darkness shortened second half, which surely must have been welcomed by Cleveland's Franklin A. C. The final score of 64 to 0 was Shelby's highest score to date.
Shelby Athletic Club - 35, Columbus "All Star" Athletic Club - 0
Shelby Daily Globe - November 25, 1904

The final game of the year was a set-up by the Columbus A. C. management offering the game winner 75% of the gate receipts. This was an unheard of amount and was done to ensure Shelby would accept the offer, knowing that they (Columbus) had stacked the deck with "All Star" players from all over Columbus and southern Ohio. Despite this, Shelby defeated the Columbus "All Stars" A. C. by a score of 35 to 0 earning nearly $700 in gate receipts.
The first scoring of the game didn't occur until 15 minutes into the first half with Don "Peeny" Tucker finally forcing the ball over the goal line. Tucker carried the ball over the goal line a second time later in the first quarter. At half time the score was 11 to 0.
In the second half, after nine minutes of play, Smith Weiser scored a third Shelby TD and coach Bert Sutter kicked the goal. Dave Bushey, with a 45 yard run, made the next score and Sutter kicked the goal. Jones made the final 18 yards over the goal line to add his score to the total, Sutter again made the kick. Fullback Mayer scored the final touchdown with coach Sutter kicking the final goal. Score 35 to 0 with the Shelby team coffers gaining $700!
Shelby Daily Globe - November 26, 1904

 1904 Shelby Athletic Club Football Record
Shelby Athletic Club  29   Marion A. C.  0
Shelby Athletic Club  53   Brooklyn A. C.  0
Shelby Athletic Club  48   Akron Imperials  0
Shelby Athletic Club  27   Lorain A. C.  0
Shelby Athletic Club  29   Deaf Mutes  0
Shelby Athletic Club  0   Akron East End A. C.  0
Shelby Athletic Club  0   Massilion Tigers  28
Shelby Athletic Club  32   Lorain A. C.  0
Shelby Athletic Club  64   Franklin A. C.  0
Shelby Athletic Club  35   Columbus A. C.  0
Shelby Athletic Club  317   Opponents  28
Shelby Daily Globe - November 5, 1904

The numbers tell the story. After the first 5 games of this century, the Shelby Football Team outscored their opponents 882 points to 114. Out of 42 games, Shelby shut-out their opponents 32 times. Quite a record !

 1904 Shelby High School Football Team Record
 Shelby High School  0   Shelby Alumni  0
 Shelby High School  5   Galion High School  0
 Shelby High School  6   Bellville High School  0
 Shelby High School  9   Attica High School  0
 Shelby High School  0   Fostoria High School  10
 Shelby High School  5   Shelby Scrubs  0


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* "The History of Shelby Football 1894 - 1985", written by Fred Eichinger, published ca. 1986.

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