Vintage Shelby Maps
1896 -Atlas Mapea
(East Central) rl
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This view along Main Street starting at the east side shows the Hotel
and Opera House on the west corners of the East side Square.
north along the B & O R.R. tracks is first, The Brucker Planing Mill
and then, The Sutter - Barkdull Company. Just beyond Smiley Avenue
on the west side of Broadway is The Shelby Cycle Company.
The B & O R. R. Depot is on the west side of the tracks on the
south side of Main Street. Further south along the east side of the
tracks is the newly constructed Electric Light facility. On
the west side of the tracks can be seen the old Wilson Cemetery
that had to be moved, to make room for the expanding
Shelby Sales Book Company.
At the Main Street bridge can be seen the Heath Mill and the
Central Hotel on the north side and the Sutter Store, Town Hall,
Post Office and Engine House on the south side.
South along the Blackfork River can be seen the Central
High School (no bandstand yet). Just beyond that, the Blackfork
makes a Huge meander west to a point just next to South
Gamble Street. This meander area was to become the future site
of Skiles Football Field after the river was dredged and
straightened. Much previous to the time of this map, this low
meander area was used as a mill pond during Shelby's
early years. The small stream that flows into the Blackfork
from the east was moved from the path shown to one that
now flows under the B & O R. R. just adjacent to where the
Wilson Cemetery is shown on this map.
What had previously been Mill and Depot streets have been
combined into Whitney. On the west side of the Whitney Street
bridge is the Carriage Works (north) and the Foundry (south).
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