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Shelby has long been known for it's numerous and diverse industries. We hope
to list and discuss most of the early Shelby industries and those who were
associated with the conception and development of them.

Article in The Republican Industrial Edition - 1897:

Shelby has large and varied kinds of manufacturing institutions. The principal
ones are: The Shelby Steel Tube Co., The Shelby Cycle Manufacturing Co.,
The Sutter Furniture Co., The Shelby Mill Co., The Shelby Electric Co.,
The City Mills, Shreffler's Carriage Factory, and three cigar factories.
These shops and mills give employment to about 1200 men and boys the year
round and keep the shuttle moving, weaving the web of commerce about our town.

 Business Name Business Type

Year Established
 Gamble's Mill *  Grist Mill  1823
 Eli Wilson's Mill  Saw Mill  1824-1825
 Sutter Furniture Company  Cabinet Making  1844
 Ott Brothers - (F. A. & F. B. Ott)   Tannery & Harness Shop   ca. 1857
 The Shelby Pioneer  Newspaper

July 1858
 Shelby Center Mills - City Mills  Milling  ca. 1860
Standard Manufacturing Company  Diversified Products  ca. 1860
 Junction Mill Company Milling   1869
 Shreffler Carriage Works  Wagons & Carriages  1872
 Shelby Mill Co.  Milling  1876
 Mutual Plate Glass  Insurance  1880
 Shelby Steel Tube Works  Steel Tubing  1890
 Lozier-Yost Seamless Steel Tube Company   Steel Tubing for Bicycles 1891
 Shelby Cycle Manufacturing Company   Steel Tubing  1891
 Shelby Cycle (Ideal) Company  Bicycles  Sept. 1895
 Shelby Water Co  Utility  Feb.10, 1896
 Shelby Electric Company  Electric Lamps  1897
 Shelby Plow & Foundry Co.  Shelby Burch Plow, iron castings  ca. 1897
 Rib Manufacturing Co.  Hull’s Patent Umbrella Rib  ca. 1897
 Sheets Printing Co.  Business Printing  ca. 1898
  Shelby Stove Company  Gasoline Stoves   May, 1900
Shelby Motor Car Co.  (Beardsley and Hubbs Company)  Automobiles  1900-1901
 The Shelby Spring Hinge Company  Door & Cabinet Hardware  1900-1901
 The Shelby Foundry Company  Foundry  1903
Brightman Manufacturing Co. Steel Shafting  1903

Shelby Machine Company

 Machine Shop  1904
 Standard Manufacturing Co.   Diversified Products  1904
The Shelby Printing/Salesbook Co.  Carbon/Book Printing   1905
The Shelby Candy and Manfacturing Co.  Candy Manufacturer  1905
Autocall Company  Signaling Equip.  1906
 Roethlisberger Transfer Company   Trucking Company  1913
 Shelby Tractor & Truck Company   Assembled Tractors & Trucks  1918
  Electro Novelty Company   Radio Sets  1922
 Shelby Gum Co.  Bubble gum, chewing gum  1924
 Carton Service, Inc.  Manufacture folding cartons  1926

* Some of the above information has been abstracted from books by former Shelby Mayor
Raymond Wilkinson. " The Story of Early Shelby" - 1962, and "More About Early Shelby" - 1964.

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